Power Stone 2 Video for Skillionaire

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User Info: simbasan

5 years ago#1
Hey guys, I'm planning on entering this contest:


Basically its a video contest for a free t-shirt for this tournament in NY called Skillionaire - they play a lot of good fighting games. I thought since I loved PS2 so much I should do an entry with PS2.

If you guys have any great footage, whether its Rogue spamming her dive kick or Ayame knocking out 3 people at once with her shuriken super, please send it to


I'm not good at video editing, but I know a lot of technical PS2 stuff that would be fun to showcase, and I want people to see how fun this game is.
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User Info: Vyse_skies

5 years ago#2
Hey simbasan, long time no see. I see you're still around on the PS2 boards. Man, I left them a while back when people just stopped showing.
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