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User Info: shiva

3 years ago#1
Thirteen years since the game was launched, and I'm still here. Will I still be here for the game's 20th anniversary? I just find that thought so shocking. Time is passing too fast, it seems.

I miss playing this game regularly so bad with my old group of friends. Capcom doesn't seem to care about this property - which is too bad, as the 360/PS3 gen is IMO when online play reached mainstream status on consoles, and they had the perfect opportunity to reintroduce it. I still haven't lost hope it'll happen, but at this point I'd rather have Capcom sell Power Stone or something. The Capcom of today is nothing like the top tier company I found it to be until around 2007 or so...

For this topic not to be completely void, tell a funny story about PS2. Or share a memorable moment in a battle. Whatever you want to, really ;)

I remember a particular match in Blue Sky Area. One of the players was Wangtang. In the final section of the stage, he was almost dead, but managed to transform. He tried to catch the only other alive player with Dragon Dance. He initiated it near one of those catapults there, and the other player got caught. Now, the caught player had about 5%HP, so he was gonna die from the move. The Wangtang player starts to get really loud, shouting "TAKE THAT!!! SUCK ON THIS!!!" and similar stuff repeatedly before he won. Because he was gonna win. We hear the announcer's "Knock Out!", and Wangtang's trademark "Oshio-Sama!!!" death screen. We were all like o_O

What actually happened: while he did catch the opposing player, and he would die from it in normal conditions, it turns out Wangtang's flurry of kicks activated a catapult. And since Dragon Dance takes Wangtang so high up in the air, the falling rocks targeted him. He had a sliver of health, so he got KOed. Absolutely hilarious xD
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User Info: shiva

3 years ago#2
Meant "scream", should be obvious from context.

That typing dyslexia...
"Hurry up and make me the star of the sequel!" - Super Zur confirms Guardian Heroes 2!

User Info: Maeluun

3 years ago#3
I miss playing this game with my friends, too. :( So many good times growing up. Power Stone was the first game I got for the system, with Power Stone 2 soon after. I was just like...baffled they didn't add at least an HD version to XBLA or PSN. Oh well, I won't totally give up. My dreamcast is still around, but online play would be so great for this.
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