I really need help with the music box puzzle

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  3. I really need help with the music box puzzle

User Info: vgking69

7 years ago#1
I've been trying it for a half hour and can't get it

the faqs here only show 3 solutions and none of them works for me

and I've tried every thing I can think of

User Info: vgking69

7 years ago#2
ok, got it finally

after finding a web site that showed 6 possible solutions, it was the 6th that worked

holly crap man, thats the dumbest and hardest puzzle I've seen in a video game

User Info: VegetaD

7 years ago#3
Unfortunately that's not even the hardest puzzle in the game. Much later there's a water sample puzzle and that one is freaking almost impossible to do without a walk through for me and I'm usually pretty good with puzzles of RE games.

User Info: Waffen8888

7 years ago#4
You mean to tell me you can't tell by the tone of the music which sound is right? >blinks<
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User Info: JoveHack

7 years ago#5
One of the music boxes on the ground floor has the solution. Pick it up and make a of its settings.

I'm pretty sure the answer on my last playthrough was "duddud".
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User Info: boyofevil

7 years ago#6
Ugh tell me about it I despise that water sample puzzle. When I was younger I had to get my dad to help me figure it out.
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User Info: the_blood_wolf

7 years ago#7
The music puzzle........if I remember it's the one in the clock tower (?) that you just pick up or down right, for the cords?

User Info: noidentity

7 years ago#8
I can't imagine anyone having trouble with that puzzle. One bit of the music sounds right, the other sounds like crap.

User Info: friendlydude

7 years ago#9
actually the first time I played this game, the music box puzzle threw me off because I didn't understand the IDEA behind it- then it hit me that it wants me to choose the correct sequence of notes to complete the song.

User Info: este914

7 years ago#10
I think that music box was a waste of time to complete but overall: water sample > music box puzzle in terms of annoyance. The music box puzzle might take a little longer. I don't wanna have to remember stuff just give me the solution! :>
este - 9 1/4 represent0r
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  3. I really need help with the music box puzzle

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