dual shock version soundtrack

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User Info: His0ka

5 years ago#1
omg, i dont know why they needed to change the soundtrack for this one...

but i know why it sounds so poorly (between a mix of strange snes themes in midi quality with clowns playing instruments all around)...

the composer of the new soundtrack " Mamoru Samuragochi" is deaf...thats very sad, but also an good explanation why many songs in this one just sound so "s**t".

you can clearly hear that a deaf or a person without music knowledge wrote that notes...

User Info: Recoome_is_god

5 years ago#2




Behold! The circus has arrived!
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User Info: Little_Ishida

5 years ago#3
To be fair, Beethoven was deaf and he did a good job.
But yeah, 90% of the dualshock ost is utter garbage.
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