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SaGa Frontier II FAQ and General Tips

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User Info: Protector Wind

Protector Wind
9 years ago#1
This topic is basically aimed at being a quick reference stop for players, with some of the most asked, or requested, info in it. A lot of the content here is compiled from various topics and sites, most notably the epic “Jackpot! The Next Generation” by Zach Keene (with various contributions by others), so I’m not solely to thank for everything here.
All of Zach Keene’s SF2 FAQs and info tables etc can be found here:

(If any of the data listed here is incorrect please point out and post amendments where necessary)

Arts: General Info, Learning and Sparking

The one main point to remember is this: Skill/Anima Level DOES NOT affect learning an Art

Learning Arts/Spells is primarily dictated by the enemy you fight against, and it’s relevant Up-Skill and Flash-Skill level.
Flash-Skill: Helps determine the likelihood of sparking arts during battle
Up-Skill: Helps determine the likelihood of characters gaining stats and magic at the end of the battle.

Top 15 Flash-Skill Monsters:

1: Big Horn (Duel, Insect Megalith) – 44
2: *Nuckelavee (Last Megalith, Flame or Beast Icon) – 41
3: *Queen Peg (Old Battlefield, City of Night 1257) – 40
4: Lich (Laubholz)- 39
4: Megalith Beast (Weissland, post-"Tycoon Wil") – 39
6: Anima Beast (Duel, Fossil Caves) – 38
6: *Ant Commander (Duel, Earthworm Cave) – 38
6: Beast Lord (Duel, Last Megalith) – 38
6: *Fiend Slave (Last Megalith, Tone Icon)- 38
6: Fire Lord (Last Megalith) – 38
6: *Megalith Dragon - 38
6: Pirate (Duel, boss of Wil vs Egg) – 38
6: Poison Wurm (Insect Megalith) - 38
6: Slime (Laubholz) - 38
15: Water Lord – 37

Top 15 Up-Skill Monsters:

1: Fire Lord (Last Megalith) – 38
2: Fire Lord (Old Battlefield) - 36
3: Anima Ghoul (Duel, Laubholz) - 35
3: Big Horn (Duel, Insect Megalith) – 35
3: Water Lord (Last Megalith) - 35
6: Anima Beast (Duel, Fossil Caves) – 33
6: *Ant Commander (Duel, Earthworm Caves) – 33
6: Slime (Laubholz) – 33
9: *Megalith Dragon - 32
9: *Minor Assassin – 32
9: Pirate (Duel, boss of Wil vs. Egg) – 32
12: Lich (Laubholz) - 31
12: *Skeleton [blue] (Duel, Fossil Caves) - 31
14: *Demon Grass (Laubholz) - 30
14: *Skeleton (Duel, Hahn Ruins) - 30
14: Deities (Old Battlefield) - 30
14: Land Urchins - 30
14: Anima Ghoul (Party) - 30
14: Mother Grendel - 30
14: Edelritter (Duel) - 30
14: Slayer - 30

* - Can be fought repeatedly

Each Art/Spell has it’s own ‘difficulty level’ which corresponds to that of the monsters (number on the right). The lower the number on the Art the easier it is to learn (as you only need weaker enemies to Spark/learn them), whereas higher numbered Arts are the hardest to learn. A full list of Arts and Spells, with their respective difficulty level, can be found in another of Zach Keene’s FAQs here:
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User Info: Protector Wind

Protector Wind
9 years ago#2
Arts and Spells: Alternatives when Duelling
To learn Arts/Spells/Hybrids when in Duel battle you input 4 commands (max). Depending on what commands you input, in which order you input them, determines whether you will learn an Art or not. Some Arts actually have various combinations of commands to learn them. Some alternates have the same difficulty as the normal set,

Hi Speed Arrow (Charge-Focus-Focus-Quickshot) - 38
Hi Speed Arrow (Focus-Focus-Charge-Quickshot) - 38

…however, some of them have different difficulties:

Megahit (Charge-Ready-Slash) - 27
Megahit (Ready-Charge-Slash) - 29

Tornado Divide (Backslash-Backslash-Charge-Throw) - 37
Tornado Divide (Backslash-Backslash-Charge-Slash) - 41

Gong Beat (Charge-Ready-Swing) - 20
Gong Beat (Ready-Charge-Swing) - 22

Reviva (Beast-Flame-Flame-Beast) - 30
Reviva (Beast-Flame-Beast-Flame) - 36
Reviva (Beast-Beast-Flame-Flame) - 38

Obviously, the Arts/Spells with the LOWER difficulty will be (slightly) easier to learn. Most notably with Reviva.

Arts: Party Battles

Some Arts CANNOT be obtained by Duelling and must be either Sparked during battle or learnt after battle (when facing a high Up-Skill monster). These consist of:

Ogre Run : WP 4 : Atk 32 : Large line attack area
Dragon Revolution : Feint-Grab-Kick-Punch : WP 10 : Atk 85 : It cannot be learnt by inputting the commands

Aftervision : WP 7 : Atk 55 : Attacks all enemy targets

Axe: None

Random Shot : WP 2: Atk 12 : Attacks all enemy targets, but can miss
Arrow Rain : WP 4 : Atk 32 : Attacks all enemy targets

Wide Swing : WP 5 : Atk 47 : Stun : Large circle area

Grand Slam : WP 8 : Atk 74 : Cannot be evaded : Attacks all enemy targets

Characters (using the correct weapon type) have the chance to learn an Art after battle, related to it’s difficulty level and the enemy faced. In order to Spark the Art(s) during the battle you must be using a corresponding Art that can lead to doing so. For instance, by using “Painful Beat” you can actually spark “Grand Slam” against strong opponents. A list of which Arts spark which others can be found in one of Zach Keene’s FAQs here:
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User Info: Protector Wind

Protector Wind
9 years ago#3
Hybrid Arts

Like normal Arts, Hybrid Arts (attack that use both a weapon and spell element) are Sparked/learnt the same way. Weapon/Anima Levels, again, do not affect your chance of learning (or not learning) a Hybrid Art. Outlined is a list of all Hybrid Arts by weapon category (which is how they appear once learnt):

Martial: There are no Martial Hybrid Arts (“Wood Punch” and “Stone Punch” are solely confined to the Cielmerlion and therefore are not a Hybrid Art)

Thunder Blade : Water-Backslash-Cleave : SP 6 : Atk 50
Tornado Blade: Learnt automatically during Gustave #17 “Johan the Assassin” : SP 7 : Atk 74 : Large Circular Area
Gale Blade: Tree-Cleave-Cleave-Cleave : SP 10 : Atk 94

Fire Wheel : Flame-Charge-Throw : SP 5 : Atk 45

Poison Arrow : Water-Shoot : SP 4 : Atk 25 : Poison
Bird Hunter : Flame-Shoot : SP 2 : Atk 31 : Best vs. Flying Enemies
Flame Beast : Flame-Beast-Shoot : SP 9 : Atk 33 : User recovers HP
Death Shot : Tree-Flame-Shoot : SP 4 : Atk 42 : Deathblow
Spark Shot: Flame-Quickshot-Quickshot : SP 7 : Atk 51
Windbreaker : Tree-Charge-Charge-Shoot : SP 8 : Atk 60
Spectral Shot : Beast-Beast-Beast-Quickshot : SP 9 : Atk 66

Snake Blaster : Water-Charge-Thrust : SP 6 : Atk 72 : Best vs. Frogs
Twin Dragon: Flame-Water-Thrust-Thrust : SP 9 : Atk 90
Jewel Strike: Stone-Water-Backslash-Backslash : SP 15 : Atk 99

Gale Strike : Tree-Swing-Swing-Swing : SP 7 : Atk 74

Spell Arts: General Info

There are 31 Spell Arts that can be learnt, and a plethora of others that are confined to equipping weapons/items only (covered later). Of the learnable ones, the vast majority can be learnt in Duels, but a select few (9 of the 31) cannot:

* Bushfire: Tree + Flame
* Song of Earth: Tree + Tone

*Firestorm: Flame + Tree
Soul Hymn: Flame + Beast + Tone

* Sonic Poison: Water + Tone

* Sonic Burner: Tone + Flame
* Spoil Wave: Tone + Water

* Howling Heavens: Beast + Tone
* Mindscape: Beast + Tree

These can only be learnt after battle (when fighting against a high Up-Skill monster). But to further complicate things, 2 of these Spells, “Soul Hymn” and “Song of Earth”, can be ridiculously hard to learn.

- Soul Hymn:
Gustaf is just about the only sane choice for learning Soul Hymn. Even still you're looking at a 2% chance per battle against the Ant Commander.

Some general tips for increasing the chance (slightly:
1) Do NOT use Beast (or any other anima other than Flame or Tone); Beast will not trigger a Soul Hymn check. Even worse, it will further lower your already dismal chances of the Flame and Tone checks succeeding.
2) If you're using Flame and Tone 300 times each battle, you're wasting your time, since the check isn't made each time you use Anima. Use each ONCE, then end the battle as quickly as possible.

- Song of Earth:
Cordelia is the best choice for learning SofE. Failing that both Julia and Labelle are your other best hopes… but it all depends on the monsters you fight. Unfortunately you don’t have a very broad range of strong monsters. However, both Cody and Labelle are still around for an optional Megalith Beast battle, which is probably your best chance.
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User Info: Protector Wind

Protector Wind
9 years ago#4
As previously said, some Spells can be used by simply equipping a certain item. Some of these spells can be learnt normally and this method simply allows you access to an extra Spell during battle, while some other Spells can only be found on an item. All Anima weapons (except Water and Beast) allow you to use a related Anima attack (eg: Wood Arrow, Tone Staff, Flame Sword), but only in Party Battles, hence why these will be omitted from the following list:

Needle Burst : “Demongrass Fang” : SP 10 : Atk 42
Wood Punch : “Cielmerlion” : SP 1 : Atk 20 : User Psyche Up
- Life Water : “Birch Ring” (Tree-Water Quell : Glove)
- Woodstock : “Amber Maleate” (Tree-Beast Quell : Accessory)

Stone Punch : “Cielmerlion” : SP 1 : Atk 20 : Enemy Defence Down

- Recovery Breath : “Fire Flake” and “Green Glass” (Flame-Tree Tool : Accessory)

Deadly Snake : “Scorpion Tail” : SP 4 : Atk 13 : Poison : Best vs. Frog
- Sonic Poison : “Blood Star” (Water-Tone Quell : Accessory)

Tone: None

Beast :
- Regenerate : “Night Medallion” (Beast Quell : Accessory)

Comet Fall : “Kris Knife” : SP 8 : Atk 51
Megabolt : “Seven-Star Blade”, “Eternity Staff” and “Stardust” : SP 12 : Atk 77 : Attacks all enemy targets

Press : “Pop Shoes” : WP 4 : Atk 38 : Can miss

Misc. Info

This is the ‘+’ symbol you see beside certain weapon/Anima types (Skill) on a character’s status screen. This indicates that the character is good in this area. They are more likely to learn Arts/Spells related to the skill, and the level of the skill will increase faster.

Skill Levels:
Although not related to learning an Art/Spell the level of Skills can affect various things. Higher Skill levels result in; Power of Arts/Spells (inc. Healing) increase : Status Effects are more likely to be inflicted : Arts/Spells are performed faster : Likelihood of Custom Arts in Duels increases : Ability to buy/create Custom Tools at certain shops: Lower the chance of the Skill rising in level*

* Think of it like Exp. The higher the level, the more Exp. you need to level up. Therefore, lower levelled skills will rise faster if using two Anima types at once. For example if you use “Life Water” and have a Tree (lvl 13) and Water (lvl 2), then the Water level is more likely to increase.

Spells with the ???? Anima are independent of Skill Levels.

Timely Action:
During Duels you might often see the text “Timely Action” displayed in either Red or Green. This occurs if your action is superior (or inferior) to the enemy’s.
When attacking;
Red - Attack fails or is evaded
Green - The attack cannot be evaded

When defending;
Red - Evasion rate reduced to 0
Green - Evasion rate x4 (attack might miss, be blocked with shield or deflected with weapon)

Optimum Distance:
Each weapon type has it’s own optimum distance, wherein it performs best at a certain range from the enemy. This can affect Timely Action (above), the speed of performing attacks, evasion and whether Custom Arts occur. The general order is:
(Closest) Martial – Axe – Sword – Staff – Spear –Bow (Furthest)
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User Info: Protector Wind

Protector Wind
9 years ago#5
Abnormal status:
Various Arts/Spells and enemy attacks can inflict Status Effects, such as Poison. When this happens a certain symbol will appear over the character/enemy during battle. You can raise defence against any Abnormal Status by equipping any of the ‘Full Body’ Armours, a Cross Branch, Green Ore or Green Glass.
[Status : Effect : Caused by : Neutralised by : Effect stops after time]

Berserk : Cannot use SP or Spells, Atk up 25% : Berserk : Dryad Grail, Tao Motif: Yes
Charm : Actions limited to helping the enemy only : [Enemy attacks only] : Dryad Grail, Tao Motif : Yes
Confusion : Performs random action : Song of Earth, Water Hammer* : Dryad Grail, Tao Motif : Yes
Cripple : Reduced to Skill Level 0, Atk down : Heart Breaker, Heart Beat, Shadow Bind : Stardust Robe, Feather cap, Nova Heart : Yes
Fear : 50% chance of no action : Song of Earth, Water Hammer : Dryad Grail, Tao Motif : Yes
Guard Beast : 30% chance of evade (Ally) : Guard Beast : N/A : No
Deathblow : 0 HP, technically ‘dead’ : Eradication, Final Letter, Dead end, Time & Tide, Shadow Slayer, Crystal Prism, Death Shot, Incineration : Last Leaf, Dead Stone : No
Permanence : Status changes do not wear off (Ally) : Permanence : N/A : No
Petrify : Disabled (Ally), Dead (Enemy) : Delta Petra, Stone Memory : Stone Plate, Blackstone Armor, Eternal Rock : No
Poison : ((Max HP ÷ 4) – (current LP x 4)) HP lost per turn : Poison Arrow : Sonic Poison : Deadly Snake : Hydra Suit, Last Leaf, Blood Star, Devil’s Tear : No
Regenerate : ((Max HP ÷ 8) + (Max LP x 2)) HP recovered per turn (Ally) : Soul Hymn, Regenerate : N/A : No
Reviva : When 0 HP is reached, character is revived to Max HP (Ally) : Reviva : N/A : No
Sleep : Target disabled until attacked : Sleep : Stardust Robe, Pirate Bandana, Funny Cap, Eternal Rock, Beast Rune, Night Medallion : Yes
Stun : Miss 1 round/turn : Sumo Throw, Tumbler, Strike Slash, Heaven & Hell, Lawnmower, Wide Swing : Crystal Wings : Yes
Unconscious : 0 HP, 0 LP aka Dead : Being attacked or LP-Break : N/A : No

* Confusion only occurs when “Song of Earth” and “Water Hammer” are used after the abnormal status ‘Fear’ has been inflicted.
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User Info: Protector Wind

Protector Wind
9 years ago#6
Assigning Roles can greatly influence battles and characters. There are 28 Roles in total, all with different effects, and can only be equipped to 1 character at a time. Roles can only be unlocked by playing/encountering different party members. “Solo Action” is the only Role that can be equipped by more than 1 person at a time and is available from the start of the game.
[Role : Target : Effect : Original owner]

Ace : Self : Increases Combo Attack with previous person’s action : Cordelia
Bandwagon : Self : Increases Combo Attack with next person’s action : Eleanor
Blitz: Self : Increases efficiency of Arts/Spells 25%, Lower shield efficiency and evasion rate 75% : Meythia
Cannonball : Self : Increase speed 25% (Acts first in battle) : Gustave (age 15)
Commander : Other allies : Increase efficiency of Arts/Spells 9%, Increase evasion and defence of shields by 50% : Nebelstern
Counter : Self: Increases probability of “Counter” and “Reaction Shot” by 20% : Diana
Decoy : Self : Character becomes focus of most enemy attacks : Sargon
Defence : Other allies : Increases denfence of armour by 10% : Raymond
Diplomat : -/- : Increases success of “Call a truce” and “Mercy please!” by 20% : Greta
Diversion : All enemies : Lower’s enemy Combo Attack probability : Primiera
Dodge : Self : Doubles evasion : Ventarbre
Getaway : -/- : Increases success of “Flee” and “Escape” by 20% : Roberto
Heavy Atk : Self : Increase efficiency of Arts/Spells 12% : William, Watts
Heavy Spell : Self :Increases Spell power 25% : Narcisse
Intimidate : -/- : Increases success of “Drive away”, “Leave” and “Let go” by 20% : Tyler
Leader : All allies : Increase speed 10% : Gustave (age 28)
Marksman : Self : Increases efficiency of Bow Arts/Spells 37% : Labelle
Perplexion : All enemies : Lowers enemy Spell power 20% : Ginny Knights
Preemptive : All enemies : Decreases enemy chance of first strike (and after failed negotiations) : Julia
Protean : Self : Increase SP Regen 1 : Cielmer
Recover : Self : Increases effect of healing spells 25% : Nina
Scout : -/- : Combat order maintained : Wil Knights
Solo Action : Self : Increase chance of learning, Decreases Combos: Automatic
Spell Atk : Self: Increase Spell power 50%, Lower armor defence 20% : Gustaf
Support : Other allies : Increases efficiency of Arts/Spells 12% : Kelvin
Versatile : Self : lowers enemy evasion 75% : Rich Knights
WALL : Self : Increases armor defence 20% : Patrick
War God : Self : Increase efficiency of Arts/Spells 50%, WP/SP NOT regenerated

Extreme Effect:
The higher your Max WP and/or SP stats (at full health) the higher battle commands are boosted (in power). They are further increased when the difference between your Max WP/SP and current WP/SP is large. In other words, as you consume your WP/SP, your attacks get stronger… but you risk running out of WP/SP and depleting LP. This is referred to as the “Extreme Effect” and is most notable when using Martial Arts.
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User Info: Protector Wind

Protector Wind
9 years ago#7
These occur in battles when certain conditions are met and can result in the enemy, or your character(s), fleeing battle. Negotiations can be activated/attempted inbetween turns (below “Battle Command” and “Recover HP”). If negotiations fail, then the battle continues until the end, or until a successful negotiation is achieved.
[Type : (Total current party HP ÷ Total party Max HP) : (Total current enemy HP ÷ Total enemy Max HP) : Likelihood of success : Role increases likelihood : Attacked first if failed : Item Bonus : Character growth after battle]

“Let go” : Independent : <15% : 90-100% : Intimidate (+20%) : Unlikely : x1-1.5 : Yes
“Drive away” : Independent : <25% : 70-90% : Intimidate (+20%) : Unlikely : x1 : Yes
“Leave” : Independent : <35% : 100% : Intimidate (+20%): No : x0.5-1 : Yes
“Call a truce” : <60% : <60% : 60-80% : Diplomat (+20%) : Unlikely : x0.5-1 : Yes
“Mercy please!” : <40% : <70% : 30-90% : Diplomat (+20%) : Unlikely : x0 : No
“Escape” : <40% : Independent : 40-80% : Getaway (+30%) : Likely : x0 : No
“Flee” : <20% : Independent : 70-90% : Getaway (+30%) : Unlikely : x0 : No

“Retreat” only occurs during the Megalith Beast battle’s 3 rounds. To activate you must have inflicted a set amount of damage (min damage for possible escape – min damage for 100% success escape):
Stage 1 = 1300-4500 : Stage 2 = 4500-18,000 : Stage 3 = 8100-30,000
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User Info: Protector Wind

Protector Wind
9 years ago#8
Crowns, Chips and Custom Tools:
By accumulating Crowns (money) and Chips (secondary money) throughout the game you can use certain shops to make you specialist items that cannot be found/bought anywhere else in the game.
The game registers how many Chips you have brought in circulation. This is determined by:
When you receive Chips after battle – When you receive Chips from broken items – When you exchange items for Chips – When you exchange Chips for Crowns. Circulation decreases when you buy items with Chips. The higher your circulation (which you cannot see in game) the more likely Custom shops will offer special items.
[Item name : Cost in Crowns, Chips : Skill level : Circulation : Comment]

Babrashka : 1500, 1000 : Spear, Tree over 25 : 9000+ : -/-
Beast Dancer : 2000. 1000 : Bow, Beast over 25 : 12,000+ : -/-
Carlthel : 2000, 1000 : Sword, Stone over 25 : 10,000+ : -/-
Hawk Wind : 1500, 1000 : Axe, Beast over 25 : 9000+ : Best Axe!
Limstokes : 1000, 1000 : Staff, Water over 25 : 8000+ : Increased defence to Heat
Pan Flute : 500, 100 : -/- : 1000+ : Tree-Tone Tool
Soul Crystal : 500, 200 : -/- : 5000+ : HP, LP, WP and SP fully recovered when used

Additionally, at the end of the game you will be ranked according to your Chip circulation as such:
S: 16,384+
A: 8192-16,383
B: 4096-8191
C: 2048-4095
D: 1024-2047
E: 512-1023
F: 256-511
G: 0-255

Both Crowns and Chips (the amount you can spend and can view on your status screen) start off at 0 at the start of a game, so collecting Crowns and Chips can be an arduous endeavour. However, there is a way around it. Quoted from one of Zach Keene’s FAQs:
“Every "main" character in this game has their own Crown counter, although Chips are shared. The biggest consequence of this is that you will lose your Crowns anytime a character is no longer able to be used. You can put a stop to this money loss by converting Crowns into Chips. The best way to do this is to buy as many tools as you can, then convert them into chips at Grugel or Vogelang. Unfortunately, most tools are not worth their purchase price in Chips, so you'll still lose a fair bit of
your money. Losing some is better than losing all, however. But, all is not lost for Wil, Eleanor, and Rich. Anytime they can go to Laubholz, they can purchase the Oak Staff, which sells for 50 Crowns and is worth 10 Chips. Meaning, you won't lose any Crowns on this deal, and if you buy enough of them you can actually get more Crowns than you started with. (10 Oak Staves cost 500 Crowns; you can convert them into 100 Chips which in turn can be converted to 550 Crowns.) After every Knights scenario before Ginny's Departure I highly recommend going to either Vogelang or Gruegel to stock up on anything you need, then heading to Laubholz to buy as many Oak Staves as you can hold, then going to whichever of Vogelang or Gruegel you didn't visit before to turn them into Chips. As you're about to see, not losing your money is only one benefit of doing this. (Note that Gustave and Nebelstern can never visit Laubholz, so they miss out on this deal and you'll have to settle for less efficient conversions. As far as I can recall you can never visit any towns while in control of Johan or Sargon.”
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User Info: Protector Wind

Protector Wind
9 years ago#9
Stat Boosts:
Some Arts/Spells often display messages like “Morale Up” and “Psyche Down” for example. These basically effect characters ‘stats’ during battle, and can be both positive and negative, used by your characters or enemies.
[Name ("Explanation") : Influences...
- Up (ally Art) : Down (ally Art)
- Up (enemy attack) : Down (enemy attack)]

Morale ("Combat Morale") - Efficiency of techniques
- Soul Hymn, Berserk, Beast : Kitchen Sink, Bone Crush, Howling Heaven
- Charge, Mystic dance, Cheif's Temper : Mystic Dance, Zeal, Body Double

Psyche ("Spell Power") : Efficiency of spells and healing
- Roll Beat, [Tree, and armour-related spells] : Head Splitter, Brain Shaker, Mindbreak, Spoil Wave
- Meditation : Hyper Sonic

Quick ("Reaction") : Speed, Combos/Custom Arts, Evasion rate, Hit rate
- Mindscape : Heel Crush
- N/A : Stab (eliminated by wearing foot protection), Oil, Dust

Defence ("Physical denfece") : Defence against Cut, Hit and Missile
- Stone Armour : Turtle Killer, [Stone arts]
- Hardform : Dissolve

Magic ("Spell defence") : Defence against Heat, Cold, Light and Electric
- Sonic Sanctuary : Beast Lightning
- N/A : N/A

Weapon ("Weapon ability") : Strength of attacks with a weapon
- N/A : N/A
- N/A : Acidic Spray, Acid

Fighting the Megalith Beast
The Megalith Beast is an excellent monster for trying to learn party-only Arts like Aftervision, Dragon Revolution, Arrow Rain, Grand Slam etc. After completing Wil #7 “Tycoon Wil”, you may fight the Megalith Beast once every time Weissland is available on the World Map. This occurs after completing:

Wil #7 “Tycoon Wil” : Wil/Cordelia/Tyler/Labelle/Patrick
Wil #8 “At the Mines II” : Wil only!
Wil #9 “Anima Faith Fiasco” : Wil/Patrick/Raymond/Tyler
Wil #10 “Wil vs. Egg” : Wil only!
Gustave #17 “Johan the Assassin” : Gustave/Johan/Ventabre
Wil #12 “To The Monster Nest” : Eleanor/Patrick/Raymond/Rich
Wil #13 “Life Tree Island” : Rich only!
Wil #14 “Fossil Caves” : Rich/Diana/Raymond/Eleanor
Wil #15 “To Cast a Rainbow” : Rich/Julia/Eleanor/Sargon
Wil #23 “To Gustave's Stronghold” : Ginny/Wil/Gustaf/Roberto/Primeria/Meythia
Wil #24 “Battle of South Moundtop” : Ginny/Wil/Gustaf/Roberto/Primeria/Meythia

Life Seeds
You can keep up to four Life Seeds by equipping them on Rich before talking to Narcisse to end the scenario Wil #13 "Life Tree Island". Life Seeds can restore a character’s HP, WP and SP when used. So having 4 of them can come in very handy, especially for later on in the game.
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User Info: Protector Wind

Protector Wind
9 years ago#10
Easy Training:
This is basically a loop in the game, wherein you can train up your final party's HP, WP, SP and Skill Levels with little effort (especially if you have an auto-fire controller).
During one of the final scenarios Wil #20 "Ginny's Adventure" you find yourself in the Ant Cave. Not only is this a good place to Spark/learn those final few Arts (by facing off against the 'Ant Commanders' in Duel or Party battles), but it also holds a very special slime monster (in the bottom-left corner of the hidden area). I say 'special' as it constantly multiples, meaning you have a constant stream of easy slimes to defeat.

To make the most of the gains in HP, WP, SP and Skill Levels fight the Slimes (obviously), using Infinite Durability weapons (as you don't want them to break mid-fight), but only use Arts/Spells* that consume EQUAL or LESS than that characters WP/SP Regeneration. For example: a character with a WP (3) regen can use any attack that consumes 1-3 WP per use (ie: Double Slash, Hyper Hammer, Aim Shot etc). This should be more than enough to kill off the weak Slimes, and in the process you retain your Max WP/SP (going into the battles) so can fight endlessly.
By repeatedly fighting the Slimes over and over (set your auto-fire controller, if you have one, to constantly input the same battles commands) you can gain HP, WP, SP and Skill Levels very fast. Obviously, keep an eye on HP, LP (just in case) and weapon durabilities (if using normal weapons, or Chipping)... and in no time at all you'll have high stats, perfect for the final boss a few scenarios later.
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