I Want Seaman To Run Off My Wii

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User Info: chaoticcranium

5 years ago#1
*cue obligatory Seaman innuendo #28491284*

OK, I didn't just make this topic to be cute. This game should be brought to Virtual Console for Wii, or even better, 3DS. The latter has an internal microphone, and it would be fun to care for Seaman on the go (though I imagine I would get strange looks from anyone nearby). Either way, I sooooo wanna play this game.
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User Info: PedroMontana

5 years ago#2
Yea, with both this and Odama i really don't understand why they were never brought to the DS/3DS.
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User Info: BBlackford

5 years ago#4
I got a copy of the game today of eBay. Such a fun game, I remember a friend showing it to me years ago.

More people should give Seaman a try. Sega could at least port it to the 3DS and sell it as a downloadable game.
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