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User Info: threetimes

11 years ago#21
Check this: start of FFXII, you have major death and destruction all over the place, and the desperate attempt to get to save king and then in the middle of all this Bosch says: 'do you see the maker above my head". I mean I just laughed and laughed.

[This is typical of the later FF games: no sense of humour]

Whereas in BKO after a briefing about an attack mission if you chat to the soldiers [no marker] some will be rude, one will imply you were trying to pee,,there is a reason for this..and others will attack you for being such a noob. There are no "explanations".

As for the combat. I like it . It is turn based with an active battle system: gauge fills and you select the cards from a subscreen where they will flash to indicate possible chaining combos. You have to be quick to input commands [healing items and armour are included in the cards], and then the attacks are released. While you are doing this the enemy is hammering you. You get more and more cards as the game progresses: some can be used to chain, others only at the end of the chain as more powerful attacks. it is easy to pick up, though the more refined stuff takes a bit of time to get. When you have three characters you input all their commands from the one card screen but some cards are character specific. So chance and strategy are involved.

Definitely try out the first game if you can get it cheap..oh, and have a Gamecube.

User Info: TrueSin

11 years ago#22
Yeah, I got a Gamecube. And that turns out fine, cuz' I don't have many games for it.
From what you're describing, BK would be a good adition to any RPG library.
And I'm guesing there's probably some super good cards that are hard to find and stuff?

And yeah..the FFXII tutorial..what the hell, as if I needed to be told how to WALK AROUND AND TALK TO PEOPLE.

Jeez, they must think we're tards or something.
Axe wielding maniacs and stoned angels singing rap songs about God is all part of my life.

User Info: threetimes

11 years ago#23
"what the hell, as if I needed to be told how to WALK AROUND AND TALK TO PEOPLE."...I might use that as a quote or sig if you don't object. XD.

That sums up my whole experience of FF12 in a nutshell. But I don't dare say it anywhere else as just about everyone I chat with here is raving about how it is the best rpg since the dawn of time, And that includes some seriously experienced rpg people that I thought might have had a more restrained view.. >_>

That, I guess, is the awesome power of the ff name. Sane people lose all sense of reality.. [and will turn up their noses at a great game like Shadow Madness]

Anyway like I said BK is fun and fairly old school in a way: top down view that I like, so no swinging camera. I'd go for the first one as it has a better lead character and more complex gameplay than BKO. [Same system, but just a bit more challenging]

User Info: 4nowlaters

11 years ago#24
oohhh nooo!!!
I was the one who made the last topic that lasted for a few months
I didn't know it purged
Its not crazy or insane to talk to yourself. Its only crazy if you answer yourself back.

User Info: 4nowlaters

11 years ago#25
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

User Info: TrueSin

11 years ago#26
Help us out with this one, dude.

And sure Threetimes, if you want to use that as a signature or whatnot, you go on right ahead. :D

And great point about FFXII.
I don't think it's a bad game. I like the gameplay in itself, and all the crap you can do. But I don't see the story or atmosphere as being anything spectacular, in fact, it's freakin' boring.
And that is extremely dangerous for an RPG.

But I guess not for FF XII, since everyone seems to adore it.
In any case, i'm glad to see there's some people who won't be fooled. Cheers.

BK. Old school? Really? I have problems getting into certain, especially recent, RPG's because they're not old school this might be easy to get into.
Axe wielding maniacs and stoned angels singing rap songs about God is all part of my life.

User Info: threetimes

11 years ago#27
Great to see someone else here too.

All is not lost for Shadow Madness. As my penance for not yet replaying it I shall name the game in every post until I do.

And TrueSin, since I love your username almost as much as your comment can I quote you too? [It's ok if not, I'll just use the quote on its own]

I thought you might like the old school style. And it is pick up and play. I hate reading manuals to find out what to do, I like to go right into the game and trust that the developers won't screw me in the gameplay department.

I kinda knew that I was going to be disappointed with FF12. And when I saw that city, it reminded me of FF9 which I liked the least of the recentish FF games. And another thing: when you meet the girl and she does that hands on hips poking her face at you pose. I hate that too. It is sooo cliched. And if they are a suffering conquered people how come everyone is dressed so nicely? And people complain about plot holes in an awesome rpg like Shadow Hearts Covenant. Grrrrr. And that stupid battle system green/red line. Oh dear, I am turning into a ranter. Better stop now. >_>

User Info: TrueSin

11 years ago#28
Oh man. Are you a Shadow Hearts fan?
Probably one of my favourite series for a long time. Love those games. (The first two more then the third one though. Koudelka was also sweet.)
*Salutes SH fans.*

Lol, that's a great punishment. Then, I'll visit here at least once a day to make sure I see you say ''Shadow Madness'' in every post. And, it has to be in a sentence. :D

And sure, you can use my username too, no prob.

Yeah, old school rocks. Don't get me wrong, I like some complex ass RPG's, but I'll always have a soft spot for simple games. Like you, I don't really like to have to spend two hours to learn how to play a game. I like getting right into it. I don't like reading manuals either. (Because when I get a new game, I'm too eager to start instead of reading the book.)
And besides, I started off with older RPG's, and your first RPG is always somethin' special.
So with all that, BK sounds like a pretty good deal. And like I said before, I've never heard anything bad about it, so I've got nothing to lose anyways.

No, ranting is good. If this is the only place where one can rant about FFXII or other mainstream games, then we'll all do it in honour of Shadow Madness. :D

I didn't know what to exepect from FFXII, honestly..but I kind of figured it wouldn't be as great as believed. Most of all though, it's just overwhelming. I'm unlocking a bunch of sidequests, and although you can get good stuff out of it..they're all boring as hell.
Lol yeah, I didn't think about the people in Dalmasca being dressed so nice, especially the ones in Lowtown..if they're forced to live in there then yeah, what the hell are they doing with such nice clothing?
The battle system eh..that's what I like the most actually. It's what's keeping me going.

By the way, what kind of plot holes have you heard about for SHC? I'd be curious to know.

And you didn't like FFIX? I liked it, it was alright..FFX is the one I hate the most. Maybe it's just me, but man does it suck. I mean that game takes you right by the hand tthe whole's so damn..linear! And the story could have been interesting if the characters weren't so damn boring...Bleh..and so easy, too. That's why I appreciate FFXII a bit more, because it's hard. Either that or I'm thhe one who ust sucks, lol!

But still, I preffer the older ones. FFVII and VIII are pretty good too, as far as chalenge goes.
Whoa, I guess that got pretty lengthy, heh.
Axe wielding maniacs and stoned angels singing rap songs about God is all part of my life.

User Info: threetimes

11 years ago#29
I guess I had better play a bit more of FF before i continue to rant as I stopped at the point of leaving the city. I have enjoyed sidequests in some games: liked it in Arc the Lad for instance, but if as you say they are boring in FF!2 this does not bode well.

Oh the plot holes in Covenant: the Yuri's mother stuff amongst others. I don't care and ignore most of the debate on those issues as I love the game so much.

I didn't not like FF9, hell I played it twice, but I loved FF8 after hating it to begin with, so my initial impressions are not always reliable. Had the same experience with Koudelka too, was put off at first, and actually sold it only to buy it again and now I love it too. And now I think about it, my first impressions of Shadow Madness were iffy. I thought it was going to be a point and click adventure, but once it got going I soon realised it was going to be good. And it was.

I looked in on the SE board to see how they were liking FF12 and was surprised to find a mixed response, so we are not the only ones with doubts.XD

I really should give it a chance, and now that I have got the rant out of the way I might have another go. Only I have got my Gamecube plugged in now and all ready to go so BKO might get more playtime before I return to FF12.

Thanks for quote. :)

User Info: TrueSin

11 years ago#30
Yeah, when I first played SM, I played it for about 15 minutes and I was all like, this sucks.

I put the game away for two years. Later, I gave it anohter chance, and it was a good thing I did. It was awesome.

You didn't like Koudelka at first? I got right into it, heh.
Well, I agree that the first impression one gets (Me at least.) of FFXII is awesome. but the more you get into it, you realize it ain't so great. It's good, but not all it's hyped up to be. Maybe more people are starting to realize that.
And I stress, the sidequests, for the mosy part, are kind of bunk. They're fun to do, but the stories behind them..beeeh.

But yeah, guess i should play it more before judging..I'm not even all that far into it yet.
Axe wielding maniacs and stoned angels singing rap songs about God is all part of my life.
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