Replaying a childhood favorite :)

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User Info: Tiertrach

7 years ago#1
Not my first RPG but definitely one of the more memorable ones. :) Replaying again while I have a break from school over the summer. I've always played and loved this game but this time playing through I'm just surprised at how GOOD of a game this is even excluding the nostalgic factor.

I'm sure everyone who still visits this board knows the reasons why this game is great but this game was released just before FF7. In a alternate universe (read: better) where this game was released on PlayStation instead of FF7, StHA could have been the catalyst of the RPG revolution. And instead of FF taking a huge **** on the genre we could have had an age of RPGs that were actually fun to play, had good character design, and had a simpler but much more logical story instead of the BS that some of these games passed off as a story. Don't get me wrong, I love Xenogears and Xenosaga for the story because their overly complex story is told WELL and with GREAT characters, themes, and ideas. But most of Final Fantasy's stories are unnecessarily complex and downright stupid told through annoying characters. :( At least StHA is up front with you about its simple story and instead focuses on the gameplay, which is extremely streamlined and fast while also retaining a challenge.

I'm typically not an anti-FF fanboy(even though I do agree most of them are laughable) and usually don't go around spouting this BS but it pains me to know that FF7 came out just after this game and yet was the one that garnered the GREATEST RPG OF ALL TIME' title just because it was on the right system.

And then maybe, just maybe... we would have been spared the atrocity that is Final Fantasy 8.

User Info: Tiertrach

7 years ago#2
I'm replaying all of my Saturn games, actually. I first started with Albert Odyssey because when I got my copy a couple years ago my external RAM cartridge died and I lost my game saves before I beat it. :( Then about 3/4s of the way through this time I started StHA and was shocked at just how fast (even with the slow downs) and fun the battles were.

Got about 3/4 through the Holy Ark and tried to go back to AO but was bored to tears and literally fell asleep with the controller in my hands. I'm glad I have AO just for the collector's value but man it's just no fun to play. Not compared to StHA anyway. :(

Dragon Force and Shining Force III are still fun to play too, but imo the Holy Ark is the crowning achievement of the Saturn. Never got to play Panzer Dragoon Saga though because a) 200+ is quite a hefty price and b) I've never gotten the emulator to work. >_>

User Info: Xhoyl

7 years ago#3
Are you using my FAQ? Or are you using maps? I would understand if you just used maps, it's what I usually do :P I just wrote the FAQ to say that I did. And I agree with STHA being awesome and over looked for sure. But I have to say that I actually kinda like FF8 =D Call me crazy. I actually like all the FF's but can understand where some of your complaints come from, they certainly are not perfect. But I generally look for the good in things, including my games, and play them regardless of issues. FF8's story may not have been that great, but I am probably one of the few that liked the system, it was at least different. And personally I actually identified with Squall a bit. Not entirely mind you, I'm not a douche :P But anyway, I just can't think of a game I'd ever call out, and I've played some BAD games. Ever played SaGa Frontier? I love the crap out of it, and sometimes I wonder why. My friends hates it's guts, as any normal human being would. I imagine the nostalgia factor has a hand in it, it was one of my first RPG's. Well okay, that's a little bit of a lie, I can think of ONE game I absolutely despise with the deepest passion imaginable. Unlimited SaGa. If you ever see that game, run for your life and save your family. Never look back.
"What is a man? A miserable little pile of secrets."

User Info: Sn4k3Ey3S

7 years ago#4
if i am to replay saturn games, priority will be Albert Odyssey, STHA, DF1, Guardian Heroes, Samurai Spirits RPG (japanese). Think got many more but they will come again later. hehee
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