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User Info: starstray

5 years ago#1
After years I decided to replay this game. I want to do it via emu, because I am too lazy to use the Saturn console. (And yes, I do have the original game and a modded console for imports and such things.) Also I want to use the STHA editor that's floating around here. Want to tweak a few spells or drops and maybe even the hole chara setup, f.e. turning Melody into a claw wielding ninja or Arthur into a super-sorceror.

However, I have trouble with the compatibility of the game. I used SSF 0.09 and SSF 0.12.
I made an image of my original EU pal as well as my friends us-ntsc version and modified the X09.bin. Then made a cd copy and even used Daemon Tool butr the emu always tells me that the game cd isn't compatible with the system. I tried various copatibility modes but nothing seems to work. I got my original pal version to play for about 5 seconds during the intro of the game, before the game froze. Is it because the original cd has a copy protection? (still was able to make an image...)

Or is it another problem? I really want to play it via pc, because I always would have to make a new modified copy if I don't like the outcome of the X09 tweaking. That's way too much work.

User Info: SonataPSU

5 years ago#2
First off, try to get the game to work on the emulator without any changes.
Can you get any other games to worm with the emulator? Make sure you have the BIOS.
Make sure it's set to the correct region. Mounting it with daemon tools should work.
Also, what program are you using to put the X09.BIN into the iso? I use MagicISO and it works just fine.

Keep in mind that editor can't do everything. It's still a work in progress (that may or may not be completed).

Sorry that I didn't see your post, I don't check here often.

User Info: Sn4k3Ey3S

5 years ago#3
ya i guess rarely got pple come here anymore. Anyway, a bump here.
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