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User Info: CDuG

7 years ago#1

Okay I'm about to start this again, from the part where you're about to go to the "alternate" school. (Last time I played was probably like 4 months ago and I decided to play something less scary, like Resident Evil 1,2, & 3 lol). So from that point, about how long do you figure it will take a n00b like myself to complete this? I've never been beyond that point before so I have no experience with this game really.

User Info: Sylent02

7 years ago#2
I think the general first playthrough time is usually around 10-12 hours, depending on how good you are at annoying puzzles/avoiding goddamndemonknifekids.
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User Info: sknmak

7 years ago#3
-I think that it sould take anywhere from 6-10 hours without a FAQ.
-Anywhere from 3-7 hours with a FAQ.

My friend completed the game on Normal in 4 hours with no FAQ so it depends on the person playing and how many times you die, puzzle length, reading memo's etc.

User Info: CDuG

7 years ago#4

Okay another question then, if I'm at the part where I'm able to enter the alternate school and I start using an FAQ now am I going to have missed anything?

What I mean is, in the original 3 RE's it seemed like you either had to play all the way with an FAQ or all the way without since there was a lot of places to go at once but no way of really knowing what had been covered by that FAQ already or not if you just picked it up.

So far with this game I've only casually checked FAQ's if I'm stuck on something and it's seemed to work out okay but will it stay that way if I continue or should I stick to one way or the other, using one or not using I making sense?

User Info: Gaming_Mastery

7 years ago#5
The only really missable thing if you explore every where is the Rifle, IIRC, and I wouldn't check FAQs at all on a first time run, because that would ruin the game's effect.
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User Info: CDuG

7 years ago#6

I checked it to find some keys and for the piano puzzle. I suck at puzzles in these older survival-horror games, but I didn't check it for spoilers or anything. This game genuinely scares the crap out of me and I don't think it would even change with an FAQ lol

User Info: HaleyTrapp

7 years ago#7
Well , it took me 11 hours .. and I suck at these types of games.

User Info: CDuG

7 years ago#8

I'm probably going to have to hit an FAQ again. I just played for a bit tonight in the alternate school and I've been in every room and can't go anywhere more. Any tips before I head to a walkthrough?

User Info: friendlydude

7 years ago#9
Eh, I'd use a FAQ for the incredibly hard puzzles (even hard to understand!) and for the location of the shotgun and rifle.

As for where you're stuck... well, the only tip I can say is that the room you're looking for in the school is probably at the very end of one hallway (I assume because that's the part that confused me in the alternate school).

User Info: CDuG

7 years ago#10

I've been in every room, got the red ball, got the picture card key thing which I used to get to the bathrooms, got the library reserve key but I can't get downstairs and I can't get outside.

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