A little help with the missions?

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User Info: Im_a_squid

6 years ago#1
I'd like to purchase all of the items for the museum as well as complete all the missions but I'm having trouble with a few of the last ones, more specifically the time trial ones, the "air combo only", and ones where you are being repelled by the opponent.

Any tips or character choices you guys are willing to share?

User Info: CBASH13

6 years ago#2
Honestly I used Mitsurugi for all of the missions. He's my all-time favorite character (SC), and the one I'm most comfortable with.

If you haven't already, you need to find your character, and get a hold of their moves. Really work with them in practice then survival.

Also, there are "hidden missions" on the map. Scroll the cursor around, and you'll hear a sound effect, and the cursor will center on the mission. Don't know if you already knew this, but I figured I would just state it.

Good luck!
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  3. A little help with the missions?

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