I feel glad finally being able to play this game.

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  3. I feel glad finally being able to play this game.

User Info: Rango

5 years ago#1
For many years, SC1 felt like a total mystery to me. The lore behind SC2, who fought who, and where everything in the series came from all seemed to elude me because I never had a Dreamcast. Just recently, even after SC5's release, I picked this up on XBLA and wow...

The gameplay is so fast. Each attack has such fluid animation, the HD looks nice, and it has all the modes that SC5 lacks so sorely. I dunno why, but I feel the series has taken a completely different direction after SC3 and just hasn't been the same since. The strange thing is, I didn't notice until after I played and beat this one.

But if this had an online mode (XBLA) and some people to play against, as well as proper netcode that Namco seems to never do right, I would probably enjoy this game immensely with other people. On my own, I spent all night getting all the achievements and I still wanna play.

I'm tempted to get it on iPhone, but I'm afraid after putting $10 on it once, $12 on a handheld would be an injustice. But I'll just wait for a price drop.
Gamertag: OgnarPliskin

User Info: Nerthing

5 years ago#2
It's definitely a classic. When it first came out, I spent so many hours. I still hook up my Dreamcast just to play this (and Sonic Adventure 2 sometimes too). Team Battle was easily my favorite mode, but the later games seem to lack it.

I feel that they drift farther and farther away from this one with every new game. I used to buy the SC games at release, but after being disappointed with 2-4 (although 3 was pretty decent), I'm not even going to bother with 5 for a while. I'll just keep playing one of my favorite games ever.

User Info: Rango

5 years ago#3
I said "f-it" and got the iOS version. Now I can play it when I'm bored and out of the house.
Gamertag: OgnarPliskin

User Info: Skeletor_619

5 years ago#4
Yes, they do drift further away from the original with every sequel.

SCV was a real slap in the face to old school fans, and the SCV boards make me sick to my stomach. What used to be a fighting game infused with an awesome story, and unlockables has been intruded on by the competitive morons. I understand a fighting game is meant for fighting, but you need more substance than that. And that's something SC has always had. At least in the beginning it did.

If they decided to make a remake of this, or Soul Blade, I wouldn't waste a moment of time upon purchasing it.
PSN ID: Skeletor619

User Info: ZKI

5 years ago#5
Well said, TC. I've been a fan since Soul Blade, and I can definitely say that the series began to drastically change (gameplay wise- for the worse) at SC3. I still enjoyed it, as stage/music/character wise, it brought back a lot of things from the first, but you're quite right that the series, especially with 5 has changed so much.

I actually still have a mint condition Dreamcast copy (and working Dreamcast!) I think I'll fire it up tonight and remember why I love Soul Calibur so much :)
Go on and play your little war games, kid. . . I'll go fight the real one.

User Info: Zero_Saber_X

5 years ago#6
I got the Dreamcast version of the game and I can safely say this is one of the absolute greatest games I have ever played. It's a great fighter, but the multitude of modes that keeps you playing are done so well that it goes beyond just the competitive aspect; it feels like an adventure.

Much like Mortal Kombat 9 did recently, the developers know how to fill the game with good single-player content while also delivering an experience you'll want to play with friends.

User Info: Angnar

5 years ago#7
Completely agree. Something about the game drew me right in -- the beauty and fluidity -- but it was the depth and variety of modes and unlockables that kept me going. I'm not usually big into fighting games, but Soul Caliber was just so deep yet accessible. I could play a few minutes and unlock something -- or struggle for hours to beat a certain challenge. I felt like it had something for everyone.

User Info: Supremo

5 years ago#8
I still remember getting 101 wins with Killik in survival mode... 35-40 minutes of intense play and my hands shaking at the end.. Incredible game.
Every moment give us a chance to become more than what we are. - Ryu

User Info: Rango

5 years ago#9
I play this game with all my friends and we have a great time with it. It's way better than SC5.

Also, I want to know what everyone's favorite characters and stages are. I'll just post mine right quick




Water Labyrinth
Eurydice Shrine
The Adrian and the Fortress
Money Pit
Gamertag: OgnarPliskin
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  3. I feel glad finally being able to play this game.

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