Is this a sign of my cartridge wearing out or is it just dirty? ***spoilers***

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  3. Is this a sign of my cartridge wearing out or is it just dirty? ***spoilers***

User Info: Super Slash

Super Slash
8 years ago#1
So I just played this game again and finished it about 30 minutes ago. When I was fighting Andross (first form), after destroying his hands, he ate me and spit me out, but I heard no damage noise and *took* no damage. He would follow that up by immediately trying to eat me again, and the same thing kept happening... It was an endless process (I had to avoid going into his mouth to even get a chance to damage him). However, the thing I find weird is how I took no damage; I'm pretty sure that attack is supposed to deal damage. Since I was trying to lose a life so I could get powered-up lasers, I had to boost into his mouth in order to get hurt at all. Then, when I finally got down to no health (literally, where you just need one more shot/hit from anything to die), Fox wouldn't die. He was invincible. I had to end the fight and start the second phase to fix this, and it's never happened before. Some of the music and sounds are also missing from that particular phase of the fight.
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User Info: INGX

8 years ago#2
wow, I'm not sure what's up with that... possibly a glitch in the game, or maybe your cartridge/n64 is just really screwed up. idk. all I can say is, that's probably the weirdest thing I've ever heard of in this game (and I've been professionally highscoring it for almost 2 years!).
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User Info: bored38496

8 years ago#3
Were you using a gameshark, or have you ever used a gameshark with Starfox? 'Cause that's the only thing I can think of that would have such an effect on your game.

User Info: Cirevam

8 years ago#4
Almost sounds like a Crooked Cartridge glitch seeing as stuff was missing and you couldn't die. But if it didn't happen anywhere else and you never touched the game while it was running, then I don't know what else to say except "wow."
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User Info: c0lin_0verl0rd

8 years ago#5
This reminds me of a glitch I found on Katina a few weeks ago. Right when the mothership approached, I was on the edge of the screen, in a U-turn. Then I was stuck in an infinite loop! It was weird and I had to reset the game. And it was a brand new cartridge, never been hacked by a Gameshark.
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User Info: shadowhoard

8 years ago#6
On my cartridge I had a glitch where slippy kept saying "fox get this guy off me!" OVER AND OVER AGAIN! oh wait . .
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  3. Is this a sign of my cartridge wearing out or is it just dirty? ***spoilers***

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