Filia (Major Spoilers)

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User Info: GoldenAngel3341

9 years ago#1
how do I meet her?
Eh, what I'm going to do when the world comes to an end? I'm going to put sugar on my cantaloupe.

User Info: Aki_Kitsune

9 years ago#2

Not sure on the second part....but to start the quest you have to make sure to see her during a private action back in Clik before it is destoryed. Also, pickpocket her then.

For the second part...I dunno. I think you have to go the final save point and then leave and do a private action in central city....but I really don't know about that but I'm pretty sure it is the truth. But be warned...Indalecio is no longer fun after that.

User Info: Aya_Vectra

9 years ago#3
Make sure your starting character has Dexterity, learn Pickpocket before you get to Clik, do the PA there, you'll see her (and while your at it, steal from her).

Then after the final save point on Disc 2, go back to the main building in Central City and you'll see her again. However, this will take off the final boss' limiter, making him very difficult.
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User Info: GoldenAngel3341

9 years ago#4
I don't know. I think I took it off without doing that, cuz after I kill him, he suddenly gets pissed off and some chick with purple hair starts hovers over him while he is casting spells while running around. I managed to beat him somehow, and I'm only level around 110. What is supposed to be bad anyway? I can't get the thing about limiter off or on, when I had to kill him two times to beat the game.
Eh, what I'm going to do when the world comes to an end? I'm going to put sugar on my cantaloupe.

User Info: VeghEsther

9 years ago#5
Israfil's Tear if this accessory that only Rena can equip is in your item inventory then the boss's limiter is turned off.

Since you only get this accessory once the Private Action involving Filia in Central City is triggered which turns of the last boss's limiter.

As for the boss merging into a 2nd form that can happen even with his limiter on.

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