Gameshark Codes?

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User Info: SharkOmega

8 years ago#1
I already beat one story fair and square, I want to play through and beat Rena's story quickly so I can return this game to my friend and get another game from him, so I need to Gameshark my way through this playthrough. But all the Gameshark codes I've found don't work, and most say 'When the US version of the game comes out, I'll post Gameshark codes for it' Here it is 10 years later, still no US codes posted. Anyone know where I game find US Gameshark codes for this game?
MGO Name: Shark and Petunia X

User Info: bluesalamander

8 years ago#2
Having done something similar myself recently, I only came across one website that still had gameshark codes for SO2:

You have to register but they are all there (I actually ended up extending some of them, like the proficiency maxing ones because they only list 8 entries while you can have up to 23 I think for magic users).

Also, I had much better luck using pSX with the cep cheat program (which you can use with dozens of emulators instead of just psx, and it's much easier to edit your own codes) than I did with epsxe or other emulators.

Hope this helps!

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