A guide to getting Star Wars Rebellion to work on Windows 7 & Vista

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User Info: thelovebat

5 years ago#1
In case you want more comprehensive information getting the game to work or other methods that aren't talked about here, you can check out this link on the unofficial Star Wars Rebellion forums


To be able to play Rebellion, you will already have to have the game cd itself to install the game since it is not available for purchase in a digital download form on places like Good Old Games or Steam as of yet. Once installed using this method however you will not need to put the disc in the disc drive to play it, you can play it directly using the .exe file (this is the executable, or file in the installed game folder which launches the game).

For Vista and Windows 7 64 bit systems, you won't be able to install it the traditional way. Go ahead and download the file from this link. Its a Mediafire link and should still work just fine


Then extract the files from the folder. It will be in a .rar file, so you'll need an unzipping program like 7-Zip to extract them. You can download 7-Zip for free here


Once that's done, the extracted folder will be appear as Reb_Refresh_Package_2.0. Open the folders in it until you get a list of a few folders and some files, it should look like this


You'll want to drag the Rebellion.exe out of the folder titled Rebellion 1.02 onto the desktop (It'll appear as a file titled REBEXE with a stormtrooper icon, and should be Version 1.02 or 1.0.2). Also drag out the d3drm DLL file from the main folder pictured onto the desktop. Don't worry about any of the other folders or files, you won't be needing them. After that, put your Star Wars Rebellion CD into the CD drive. Don't run Autorun though, you won't be using that to install the game. Trying to install it with the Autorun program isn't compatible with Vista or Windows 7 because of 64 bit OS incompatibilities.

Instead, choose to open the contents of the CD drive (should be the D drive) from My Computer. You should go from this


to this


Now go ahead and make a new folder on the desktop, and mass select everything from the disc and drag it into the folder, and the computer will copy all the files there. It may take a few minutes for everything to copy over. When that's done you can title the folder whatever you want, the game will work no matter what its titled. Go ahead and place the d3drm DLL file from the desktop into the folder, and then take out the REBEXE from the folder in there titled REBELLION and put it into the recycle bin, then put in the other REBEXE on the desktop that you got from the Reb_Refresh_Package_2.0 folder earlier, and put it in the REBELLION folder you took the old REBEXE out of.

Now go ahead and put the REBELLION folder on the desktop, then select everything in there and drag them back into the game folder you have to move the files there. You won't be needing the REBELLION folder anymore so just get rid of it.
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User Info: thelovebat

5 years ago#2
Now wait, you're not done yet. Go ahead and create a folder in the game folder titled SaveGame. You have to spell it without the space or the game won't recognize the folder and you won't be able to save your games, both for multiplayer and single player.

Then lastly go ahead and put the folder into the Program Files (x86) folder, or if you already have one in Program Files (x86), the LucasArts game folder. You should be able to run the game without using compatibility mode. If it doesn't work, then go ahead and play the game in Windows 95 compatibility mode. I would also try runnning it as an administrator but I don't think its required to get it to work. If the game works, it should read as version 1.0.2 or 1.02.

When you're finally finished the game folder should look like this, I titled my folder Star Wars Rebellion


I'm glad to help everyone out with this as there has been much trouble and frustration from gamers trying to get this game to work. You'll have to wait for the droid to finish his intro when starting a new game which is unavoidable but its only maybe 2-3 minutes long so you can just get a drink of water or something to pass the time when that happens.

Now to play multiplayer requires an extra step, since official multiplayer support for Rebellion is no longer provided by LucasArts.

The easiest way to play multiplayer for Rebellion would be to use a service called GameRanger. Its a free to use program that gives you a way to play multiplayer with old games that no longer have supported multiplayer servers (at least officially). You can download it here


When clicking on the link, it'll automatically give you a prompt to download the exe. Follow the instructions on the page and you'll create a GameRanger account and be able to use GameRanger.

If you have problems getting multiplayer to work with GameRanger, its likely you'll have to manually get GameRanger to recognize the Rebellion exe so GameRanger can launch the game. This is pretty simple to do.

When opening GameRanger, there will be a few game lobbies that show up (games are ordered alphabetically) and the screen should look like this


Click on the Edit tab and go down to options and click it. It'll bring up another menu and you should be on the Games tab. Use this to find Star Wars Rebellion. When you find it listed, if the executable hasn't already been recognized by GameRanger (it'll be in bold if it has), click on it then click on the Browse button and select the REBEXE executable where the game folder is located and use that. You should now be able to play multiplayer using GameRanger. :)

If GameRanger says that you're using a certain wireless router that won't allow you to play peer to peer games and won't allow you to connect and play, then just plug your ethernet cable directly into your comp when you want to play and that should work then you can switch back when not playing multiplayer.

Also you won't be able to play Rebellion with anyone using a different version of the game, version 1.0 isn't compatible with 1.1, 1.1 isn't compatible with 1.02, and etc.

Now you can play the game in all its original glory. The only difference is you can't skip the droid intro at the start of a new game, but that's not too bad to deal with and isn't a long wait.
"Too bad you can't reload your game and try again." Cassidy- Fallout 2

User Info: thelovebat

5 years ago#3
More troubleshooting for multiplayer btw can be either found on the unofficial Rebellion forums or you can go to the support page on GameRanger's website.
"Too bad you can't reload your game and try again." Cassidy- Fallout 2
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