I'm never able to find a game as good as this

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User Info: ChaiNeese

5 years ago#1
No matter how many years go by I always find myself coming back to this game. Other than Suikoden II, I can never manage to find anything better. From a technical standpoint, the game has long been surpassed but to me it set a standard so high I don't believe any of the newer Suiko games were even ever able to reach it. If you showed this game to people nowadays they would probably scoff at it but I remember playing an original copy of it just days after it was released and it was an amazing experience. The art style, the massive amount of playable characters, the music. The storyline was so simple yet so incredibly passionate.

My question is are there any games any of you die-hard Suikoden veterans out there have come to enjoy over the years? Despite the fact that I have played through this game over 5 times, it's not that it's charm is wearing thin on me. I just want to make sure I'm not missing out on any other games as great as this one. I just played through the first Vandal Hearts a month ago.
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User Info: StretchyFAQ

5 years ago#2
In no particular order, these are games that still keep me coming back for more: Star Ocean 2, Breath of Fire, Final Fantasy VI, Final Fantasy Tactics, Phantasy Star, Phantasy Star IV, Chrono Trigger, Quest For Glory: So You Want to Be a Hero, Starflight, Lufia II: Rise of The Sinistrals, Secret of Evermore, Illusion of Gaia, and Dragon Warrior IV.

I could name a myriad of games that are awesome, and if I had to choose three games I could play again before I die, they'd be: Suikoden II, Dragon Warrior IV, and Star Ocean 2.
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User Info: kenshindono

5 years ago#3
i feel you. I still remember how impressed I was when i first saw the reflections on the castle floors =D Right now im trying to get a near perfect file to use for when i play through II and the others again. Ive cycled the timer count twice already =P Taking forever.

This is probably my favorite game in the series honestly. With II and V tied for 2nd place. I really like the story and characters as well as the fun of being able to pick from such a huge roster. Too many games are so 'streamlined' these days and it takes away tons of what i enjoy in RPG's. I.E. I enjoyed the 1st Mass effect tons. probably my fave 360 rpg, but havent even played 2 or 3 because i saw how they stripped it down to make it more mass appeal oriented =( it looks like an action game with some rpg elements now

Anyway.. as far as great games like SUikoden?... there really aren't any. The old ogre battle game/tactics ogre games are pretty fun. As well as FFT of course, but i cant really think of anything as epic or fun as Suikoden. The only thing that comes close would be the first Lunar game. It was remade for the PSP pretty well. Thats a very traditional old school RPG with great characters and a simple but endearing story and characters.

For modern RPG's. I found Tales of Vesperia pretty decent. I think a lot of that was the story though. I really liked the characters. Mass effect 1 was great too.. and thats all that really stand out. Open world type rpgs; I would say Morrowind (elder scrolls 3) is the best one. Oblivion was garbage, and i havent really tried Skyrim much, but it seems to fall into the 'strip it down to make it more mass market friendly' template all the games are doing these days
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User Info: Zozogel

5 years ago#4
Then you didn't search good enough.
Anyone who likes Suikoden should check out Skies of Arcadia - it's pretty much everything that Suikoden IV should've been.
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User Info: threetimes

5 years ago#6
^ That is an inspired observation. No wonder I loved that game so much.

I agree with your sentiments TC, the first Suikoden is a masterpiece of storytelling, pacing, characterisation, and sheer fun. The relatively recent release of Dragon Quest V on the DS has enchanted me too. It has a great story, humour and pathos, as well as tons of monsters to recruit so you have many options for party members. And of course, turn-based play.

For something on the PS1, a very short turn-based RPG with an amazing story, great music (but slow as molasses gameplay), I'd suggest Koudelka. That's a game I've played many times too, and it never gets old.
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User Info: Formertechno34

5 years ago#7
Definitely try Breath of fire 3 and Legend of Dragoon. I am a die hard suikodan fan, and these two games gave me that classic rpg story vibe.
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