wait...Pahn can beat Teo?

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User Info: DTH

5 years ago#11
Ha! Glad to see other people used that. Anyone playing any Suikoden's right now?
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User Info: Punkaiser

5 years ago#12
I'll replay Tierkreis in November, I think.
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User Info: KFCrispy

5 years ago#13
started Tactics again. trying to research some info based on what i could get out of the japanese guide, as well as figuring out at least the physical damage formula (unfortunately the japanese guide doesn't have any formulas!)
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User Info: DTH

5 years ago#14
I'm about to play 1, 2, and 3 again. It was so much easier doing this before 2 kids lol.
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User Info: JessofBlades

5 years ago#15
icybrian, man... taking me back

But yeah, I lost to Teo the first time I played the game, because I walked in at around 25% hp and hadn't upgraded his weapons too much.

I put my copy of suiko 1/2 onto my PSP and have been playing that , may go ahead and play 3 & 5. 4/Tactics/Tierkreis I can live without playing again
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User Info: drmaster2

5 years ago#16
Trying to replay the five main games, just finished II last night. It was supposed to be an occasional distraction from the many PS3 games I have to dig into, but it's all I'm playing now haha. Oh they just keep sucking me back in...
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User Info: Lastjustice

5 years ago#17
I remember losing with Pahn the first time. On my second playthru I grinded up some lvls and maxed out his weapons. It's not too hard to guess what Teo's next attack will be with his text, but when in doubt...defend. It's not usually worth using a wild attack against his regular attacks. More often than not I'd rather defeat him by using counters against his wild attacks. A couple counters will wreck him.
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User Info: Matt_McK

5 years ago#18
I used to use IcyBrian! I actually used him because of his link to Crono Trigger but was even more excited when I saw he was into my favourite game of all time (at the time).

I still stop by Icy Brian's from time to time. He's not into the FAQQing world now, sadly, but I love his 'olde-style' guide-site. As much as I love GameFAQs, it makes me sad that there aren't more sites like IB's still around. There's a really good one for FFV somewhere (not IB's). I used to love the proliferation of Chrono Trigger ones, and all the ones that used to lie about being able to recruit Schala and Cyrus etc. ... :)


By the way... beating Teo is easy with Pahn if you've prepared and are good at the duels (and who isn't, ultimately?). In fact I usually level and power out Pahn a *little* so the fight with Teo can be a challenge...

Lastly, I am currently playing Suikoden I - coincidentally JUST before I fight Teo with Pahn!!! - and am shortly going to play it through to Suikoden II which I haven't completed in years (thanks to my last play through being sabotaged by a game killing glitch)... I lost count about how many times I've been through this game when it reached 20 or 30 or so. :)

I am also playing Suikoden Tactics as part of a IV - Tactics playthrough. It is my second time ever playing through ST (or SIV for that matter).
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User Info: Sin Jackal

Sin Jackal
5 years ago#19
Yeah I didn't realize that my first playthrough either. I had stripped Pahn of his equipment and didn't level him after he rejoined because I already had a set party and didn't like Pahn too much for turning on me (back when I was a kid, I let stuff bug me more).

Then my friend Ronald told me he beat Teo with Pahn, and I was like no way it was like impossible! Then I realized the duals were based on your actual stats and equipment, and wasn't just a mini game with seperate stats! So merely leveling Pahn to a regular level and giving him moderately decent gear. . .boom, he wins.

You can almost figure out what Teo's stats are too because of that. They're pretty decent, seem like toughly what Viktor's might be, or slightly better (at least in terms of attack, defense, and HP).
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