Rope climbing..

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User Info: sweetie_cheewie

9 years ago#1
i can not find the rope climbing game in th castle.. it is said to be just up the kitchen area but there is nothing there.. can somebody help and tell me where is exactly the game???

User Info: Suikoden420

9 years ago#2
Go to the room with 2 entrances to the kitchen and go north. The door is in the middle metal gate type thing. Walk past Yoshino and talk to buddy near the cliff
Replaying Suikoden 2

User Info: JHawks

9 years ago#3
Yeah from the kitchen, just head through the left door and keep going up. The doors outside look like steel windows XD
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User Info: Planescaped

9 years ago#4
Don't worry, I beat the game twice before I realized that terrace was even there. ¯\(//_-)/¯
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The castle gets stupid big by the end of the game.

Why can't it be like the Castle on Lake Toran, which only gets more ornate?
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User Info: Waffen8888

9 years ago#6
Becuase that wouldn't be very realistic, for a place that's not in a confined spot, like the Toran castle was. You build outwards, not upwards and inwards.
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