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User Info: Sin Jackal

Sin Jackal
7 years ago#1
Has anyone noticed how certain rare finds stop showing up during certain points in the game? For example, when Pilika asks you to go to her house, Fury Runes don't show up in Muse anymore, and (maybe it was just bad luck because I didn't check that often), Draining Runes didn't show up in Greenhill, and Thunder God Garbs didn't show up in Rockaxe. . . .that is, until I visited Pilika's house, got her amulet, and went back to her. Of course, Muse is closed off at that point so you can't get access to Fury Runes for awhile. . .but yeah, I reset dozens of times trying to get Fury Runes, and they never showed up (they did before the Pilika event though, and they did after I could access Muse again).

So I guess during certain events, the "good" rare finds stop showing up. . .for some reason. Probably during any event where you can't recruit characters who have a recruitment event (like Tengaar). Just thought that was a weird find, never realized that before.

User Info: CloudSith5060

7 years ago#2
No. Nothing you just posted is true at all. You obviously just got unlucky with them showing up.
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User Info: Sin Jackal

Sin Jackal
7 years ago#3
Well considering that I tried nearly 100 times between Pilikia asking to visit her house in Toto. . .and got 0 Fury Runes to show up, and now that I can get back to Muse, I've gotten six of them in 2-6 tries every time, I think it is true.

User Info: CloudSith5060

7 years ago#4
Then you probably didn't wait 30 mins since your last look at the rare finds.
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User Info: Sin Jackal

Sin Jackal
7 years ago#5
I spent over an hour between some of the tries, and I did that several times. I was taking people to Rakutei to level up, and trying to get the hawk man deity plan drop, and the Grilled Beef recipe from Matilda forest as well. I even tried saving in the White Deer Inn and walking to Muse before checking the shop rather than saving at the Muse in, to see if that altered the rare finds at all.

Neither thind worked. Only Water Runes showed up. Nearly 100 tries, possibly over 100, with way over half an hour between visits. Water runes were showing up in groups of 1-4, but no Fury Runes. Fury Runes showed up before Pilika asked to visit her house, and they showed up again after access to Muse was back, but when I left Toto to go level up some people, hunt for recipes, etc, Fury Runes did not show up in Muse until I did the Pilika event (which closes off Muse), and then got to go back there.

Before you naysay it any further, try it yourself. Don't just say it's wrong because you're guessing it's wrong. I highly doubt you remember specifically trying to stock up on Fury Runes after Pilika says to go to her house.

User Info: PhoenixNine

7 years ago#6
It doesn't matter how many times you try if 30 minutes have not passed between two attempts.
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User Info: Zalagren

7 years ago#7
Jackal, rare finds work like this:

The shopkeeper does not have rare finds until you actually talk to him. They are determined right at that moment.

The shopkeeper will clear his rare finds list after 30 minutes. If you visit again before the 30 minutes is up, that timer resets to the full 30 minutes.

The shopkeeper's rare finds are not restricted at any point in the game unless stated otherwise(IE there are some rare finds that only appear after Greenhill is liberated, not before). You are able to get Fury Runes from Muse's rare finds at absolutely any point in the game where Muse is accessible.

(NOT 100% POSITIVE ON THIS, but better safe than sorry)If you saved your game before the 30 minutes was up, and load that save, the timer might reset to the full 30 minutes.

So the best way to ensure that the shopkeeper has a changing rare items list, let the game run for 45 minutes to an hour, save your game and do nothing else in between. Then, everything should work as normal. Of course this is a bad idea if you want to do Clive's sidequest.

User Info: Sin Jackal

Sin Jackal
7 years ago#8
Guys. . .I said this more than once. . .I did not have an issue with his rare finds not refreshing. They were. He was having altering amounts of water crystals (and sometimes none too), but no Fury crystals.

I spent well over and hour not at the shop, doing other things, then I went and saved, went back. . .checked for rare finds, loaded when he didn't have furies, then tried again. He never had them until I visited Pilika, then got access to Muse back again.

Since gettting access back to Muse, I have gotten 8 Fury Crystals from that shop in less time than I spent trying to get them to spawn Furies after Pilika asked me to visit her.

Also, Zalagran, i'm assuming you also have not tried exactly what I said was an issue, because you seem to be replying some sort of auto-reponse to "I can't get a rare find", rather than read what I actually said. . .and I'm assuming that because you were telling me about the time limits, and whatnot despite that I said her stock was changing.

Anyway, I will repeat what I said to begin with. I could get Fury Runes when I first had access to Muse. But once I went back through Toto after switching my party around, and Pilika asked me to visit her. . .Fury Runes stopped appearing in that shop. Also, draining runes stopped appearing in Greenhill as well (though I didn't check for those much). I spent tons of time leveling up all my party members, and getting items from Matilda area.

When I went back to muse every so often to try and get more Furies, they simply would not spawn there. Water runes were appearing in varying numbers, but Fury runes never did no matter how many times I reset. And yes, I spent well over an hour in between each visit. I spent over and hour between each visit to Muse even. . .much less the shop.

So that was not an issue at all. It was only that very specific point in the game, where Pilika asks you to visit her. . .because I wanted to get more Furies before Muse was closed off for a bit, but I was unable to until it reopened. Once it reopened, I could get them easily once again.

Please do not reply again about how rare finds work. I know that already. I have known that for over a decade. I am only specifically talking about that one scenerio. Do not reply again unless you have physically tried it yourself, because saying, "oh well rare finds normally work this way~", is a useless post. . .no offense. But again. . .I know how rare finds normally work. I'm only talking about this one specific scenerio.

User Info: StretchyFAQ

7 years ago#9
I've had the same prob before it seems Jackal... getting them after going back to Pilika's.. But from recent testing, you are indeed just having seriously bad luck. Sorry.
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User Info: RuneOfPureFailz

7 years ago#10
It's called a "Rare Find" for a reason. It's because it's rare. That's precisely your problem ATM. You're just having a stroke of bad luck. Try the save game>rare find>restart>load>rare find>... method again and again until you get it, because it's the most efficient way to get at least 1 Fury Rune every half hour.
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