Boris question. (spoilers)

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User Info: themegaman7

6 years ago#1
So if I kill ridley and get boris can I still get all 108 stars + the best ending?
Themegaman7 aka Expa0

User Info: Strombada

6 years ago#2
Yes. Boris takes Ridley's star.
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User Info: Final Legion

Final Legion
6 years ago#3

Remember, though, that if you do this on purpose, Boris will also take Ridley's place as one of your unit leaders for war battles. Although Boris isn't too bad (he has 9 ATK, 8 DEF and the Evade ability), I prefer Ridley who has a 10 ATK, 7 DEF and the Critical ability.
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User Info: themegaman7

6 years ago#4
Thanks for the help.

I thought it would be nice getting Boris for a chance of pace. I've had the game since it's release in europe, and only recently I learned about the bad ending + boris.

It's nice when such a, old game can still surprise you.
Themegaman7 aka Expa0

User Info: RuneOfPureFailz

6 years ago#5
Ridley rocks though. I wouldn't kill him for that poodle any day of the week.
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User Info: themegaman7

6 years ago#6
I agree Ridley is both cooler and more useful. Definetly one of the better NPC stars of the game.
Themegaman7 aka Expa0

User Info: TougherThanYou

6 years ago#7
As ridiculous as it is to say, I've never beaten the game with Boris because I feel too bad killing Ridley.
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