Suikoden 2 Clive's Quest and Perfect Game Attempt [Spoilers Everywhere !!!]

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User Info: handryspoof

5 years ago#1
Some warning first:
- Spoilers everywhere, I assume you're finished with the game at least if you want bother this topic.
- Keep your respect. I don't want useless discussions for is this possible? what's the purpose? Why you bother this thing? That's why the topic created. To see how my attempt and how's that possible.
- Don't expect a fast play. I don't wanna be called "I have no life except for this game". FF IX excalibur 2 discussion has been there for years, even the guide still fixed or refined at this 2012. Call this a long term playing.
- This is not complete walkthrough or guide. But rather also cool finds or few unique, impressions, and explanation in term of challenge. When I'm trying earlier sections I'm just thought "whoa, that's really possible !!!" seeing I can troll Mist Shade the 1st
boss with everyone underleveled makes me happy haha... If I ever want to make a guide for this, it will take long time...

So, call me bored, want a challenge, or else. If you wandering, you will notice about my frequently on FF IX boards then participating on one challenge exist on the game. Excalibur 2 + perfect game challenge, you have to pick it on last dungeon in the game before the clock reach 12 hours while at same time you pick any possible missable things, minigames, items, events, and more...Now notice what similarity for Suikoden 2? Yes, Clive's quest. 20 hours limitation then you still want to clear anything possible mainly missable ones.

Why I want to bother this challenge? First, same as excalibur 2 if you only care for Clive's quest alone speed run the game is not hard. You just need to familiarize the game. You can reach it even before half time the requirement need. But then you missed your missable things and more, so why not we do it on the timer as well?
Second, gamefaqs and suikosource actually have nice guides in term of this. But sadly, Johnathan's guide just focus for walkthrough and Scarlet's guide on gamefaqs only focus to get all missable items and fastest time but no missable/optional scenes and leftovers. On major battles, how you win them faster? There is no clear strategy or tips
regarding one small section. The guide is well made, just seems incomplete to me. Third, I've completed the game around 3-4 times and I completed 2 times with Clive's ending viewed (less than 20 hours, true ending unlocked) but that's just blind play and not getting perfect things, so this time will be the get all things !!

So think this as my attempt to do that, some goals maybe weird but I state it anyway.
- View all Clive's event (obviously)
- Get criteria for best ending (that means get all 108 SoD, forgiver sign, and blah blah included)
- Get missable items. Why not all items? see arguable things.
- Get missable/optional scenes. Yeah I bother to get this one. However, few scenes will be skipped since too much time needed (like 108 battles, facing Rowd on Kyaro)
- Clear major battles without any important units lose. No death, not even wounded or removed on battle. This excluded a state army that no SoD leader inside (few battles has a normal state soldier unit). So guaranteed for get all SoD alive beside Kiba.
- Now for crazy things: between the timer you need to do Richmond's secret, Hai Yo's cook-off, recruiting squirrel, save Ridley on Radat, liberate Greenhill on Yuber's path, and more. Sounds impossible? All Hai Yo's cook-off has high chance to not cleared all
12 rounds but you can do few of them. Plus you can have Nanami and Kiba as your judges since they have point to removed on story (plus Ridley maybe if you choose Boris)

Maybe more things can be said for goals but I guess this is enough for you to think how all this possible below 20 hours..

To be continued below...
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User Info: handryspoof

5 years ago#2
Arguable things
- Level 99 issue, first if you don't have Fortune Rune there are many members that won't instant lv 99 with lv 99 trick. While with Fortune I can count how many people that can't instant lv 99. Second that means all people will have to stay at lv 49 maximum for those who can use Fortune and 39 to those can't. Sadly there are few people that still can't fulfill both criteria >__< Now for Riou and Nanami's case. Nanami must be lv 99 before her sacrifice. Riou, either you keep him dead once he touch lv 49 or get him lv 99 at
same point as Nanami. Jowy also share unique condition, he can get lv 99 glitch but also if you use Matilda glitch you can level leap him to lv 70-80 using same trick for 60k exp. This also make few parts easier, but easier said than done...
- Guardian deity rewards. Related to lv 99 issue and getting all items.
- Party members, this game has endless combinations in term of party selections. So I can't force you to pick a member beside required ones. The only certain thing is lightning rune. This rune can broke the game for some boss battles. So as long you bring members that can use that rune and have at least 1 free slot the strategies can similar even with D or E affinities.
- Kasumi vs Valeria, Siegfried vs Abizboah, Ridley vs Boris. Not much said from me at this moment. You should know what this means. Long story short, you can still complete the game regardless your route just will take differences. On my game attempt, I pick Kasumi, Siegfried, and Ridley. These are my own reasons:
* kasumi will have Mondo and Sasuke immediately and they are best ones to pick on Luca Blight battles so shorter time for grinding before that battle.
* Abizboah stands as one of possible member that can't instant lv 99 since he can't use Fortune Rune (can someone confirm his initial level? if more than 39 then that is)
* I love Ridley on any way !! Plus the major battles after Boris joins actually will force you to full assault rather than defense. so critical > evade any day.
- All items, mainly bath items. You only have 30 inventories, 60 storage, 5 items per person (assume everyone can't use shield), 6 antiques, 2 paint.. There's no way you can store them all..
- Matilda glitch. I take this for time advantage. I won't say it's impossible to do these things without Matilda glitch. It will just make your time is longer and postpone your later optional things like Richmond's secret and Hai Yo's cook-off. So there will be few
things dumped out due to your time. Also money issue for earlier game (don't ever think you'll get Fury Rune until end game)
- Secret room on Radat and Mole minigames, These are two things in the game that make me rage quit them lol... Since they're not missable, just rule them out... If anyone can figure how RNG works behind this (like that one discovered for Squirrel recruitment
making this now a joke), that will be something new lol... Before someone ask, yes dude I clear Karen's dance for all levels. I just don't know how to make good tips for this except show you video rather than words (It's on my playlist)
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User Info: handryspoof

5 years ago#3
I guess I'm starting with these: Suikoden 1 file :

- Name your Suikoden I Hero started my “M” letter so he’ll be called “McDohl” in Suikoden II
- Get all 108 SoD and alive. Pahn is alive and Gremio also revived.
- McDohl has Silver Hat and Master Garb equipped on him.
- McDohl has max level weapon (16). Self explanatory
- Humphrey has Windspun Armor equipped on him
- There is also a level bonus. But to me it’s not that matter much since it just make a returning SoD or McDohl in Suikoden II join you with higher level.

Fast Mist Shade (first boss strategy)
Riou : use all Flaming Arrows
Jowy: use all Angry Blow
Bolgan: use Fire Breath Rune then defend
Rina: use all Flaming Arrows via Fire Rune
Eilie: use Fire Wall then Flaming Arrows.

Result: Mist Shade battle end in 2 turns, everyone on red HP but guaranteed win. Just a matter that the boss can kill someone. I win the battle with everyone survived. Only did few battles on the area to get Double Beat Rune...
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User Info: SIMSteven

5 years ago#4
A few things to skip untl after you finish Clive's Quest:

Cooking side-quest.
McDohl side-quest.
Other HQ events (DietyStage/Mini-Games).
Recruits if they aren't along the way. Only go out of your way to recruit when you're overleveled (ex. Sid, South Window region, etc.)

Some things to do:

Get Mukumuku and Winged Boots at Kyaro (you need some money for this).
Get all items in North Window/Sindar Ruins.
Darkness Rune in North Window is great for farming a few missable collectables since it has instant death attacks and gaining a few levels faster than normal. I give this to Riou. Blue Ribbon also in North Window goes to Nanami so she can focus on being the healer/Spark Rune attacker.
Get all rare drops from the beginning till the end of Muse. Get most rare drops ASAP due to glitches which can prevent you from getting them if you go too far past those points in the story.
DO NOT hand in recipes to Hai Yo due to the recipe glitch. Give em to Barbara and don't bring any with you when you recruit him (safeguard). You won't be anyways because you will be recruiting Hai Yo and completely ignoring the restaurant until after Clive's Quest is over (no cooking side quest).
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User Info: handryspoof

5 years ago#5
Well, for some points:

- McDohl quest still possible. On my playlist, when Clive's quest ended my timer is around 10-15 minutes before 20 hours and that's included McDohl sidequest and win the boss battle (it's really faster if you lose the boss battle by purpose). This is my replay improvement on the game. My time before is 19.45-19.50 when view Clive's ending and that's not using faster method like recruiting after Blinking Mirror, Stallion for world map, etc.
- For Blue Ribbon, just take it from Millie after she joins. This equip is a must for Nanami. Few boss battle become easier with it.
- Winged Boots is not missable so I just wait for late game. McDohl also initially equip it. I can still live without it.
- Darkness Rune, this is personal reference and opinion. Most enemies comes in group so to cut my time I prefer to use Fire Rune or Unite that attack all targets to sweep them.
- Recipe glitch, this is most one that I need to test or confirm (if someone else test it), from Pyriel's page on suikosource, the potential glitched ones are 5 recipes from monsters and Recipe #37 on Rockaxe that you found after Nanami's sacrifice.

then for my other progress:
- Got 4x Double Beat Rune
- Make sure Nanami and Mukumuku join party after Flik and Viktor rescue Riou.
- After escape from Kyaro and back to Mercenary Fortress (MF). Kick out Mukumuku and pick Gengen. Go to Ryube forest to help the bird (Shiro and Kinnison trigger), then go back to recruit Rikimaru and Zamza. Don't worry the time still count.
- Battle against Bonaparte:
Gengen: Leather Hat, Leather Coat, Wooden Shield, Leather Cape, Boots x2
Zamza: Feathered Hat, Guard Robe, Boots, Gloves, Gauntlet
Millie: Medicine, Gloves, Flaming Arrow
Nanami: Blue Ribbon, Medicine, Gloves
Riou and Jowy doesn't matter except they must equip medicine. Zamza, Nanami, and Gengen must be on front row.

have Zamza use Fire Dragon then Gengen and Jowy attack normally for all turns (except noted below). Use Flaming Arrows from Millie on first turn. Now the action for rest members are depend on Nanami’s condition.
o When Nanami is balanced (can use commands) : use Family ATK, Millie use medicine to Gengen/Zamza (depend on which one attacked by Bonaparte). If somehow both Gengen/Zamza need heal, have Jowy use medicine on the other one. (example if Millie heal Gengen, have Jowy heal Zamza)
o When Nanami is unbalanced (can only use items) : Nanami use medicine to Gengen/Zamza, Riou attack normally, Millie attack normally or use medicine to other one when both Gengen/Zamza need heal (look the example above for Jowy)

guaranteed win even underleveled...

- After win this battle, Shiro and Kinnison should be there and recruited. I kick Zamza and Millie for them.
- Pilika event should be there now. After agree her request, save game and I'm gonna do Matilda glitch for first time but not meet Futch and Humphrey. Okay I already said Matilda glitch is arguable, every opinions have pros and cons.. At least this is not cheat dude...
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User Info: SIMSteven

5 years ago#6
Zamza > Kinnison. Kinnison is pretty terrible overall, and their unite doesn't save much time..
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User Info: SIMSteven

5 years ago#7
Also, Rikimaru is up there as one of the best early-game party members you can get.
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User Info: handryspoof

5 years ago#8
Actually the last party slot (Kinnison) doesn't matter, due to matilda glitch I will use either Futch/Humphrey or both. I will keep the party with Riou, Nanami, Jowy, and Gengen for a while. Yeah Gengen actually is not best person to pick, but I choose him because he can get better equips on Matilda region and have 8 item slots (6 equips, 1 rune, 1 weapon rune). This is important when Barbara isn't accessible. Well, my party selection is not based on stats but rather from roles and availability.

And that's one more point for the show actually. I'm trying to clear the game with unexpected conditions. Only buy few equipments (but checking shop list), not using OP party, only stick with few runes. I'm on Harpy now and I just need to review setup for "guaranteed win strategy" and more progress.
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User Info: handryspoof

5 years ago#9
Continued from here: Pilika event should be there now. After agree her request, save game and I'm gonna do Matilda glitch for first time but not meet Futch and Humphrey. Okay I already said Matilda glitch is arguable, every opinions have pros and cons.. At least this is not cheat dude...

- Make a save on Highway Village, but don't talk to Humphrey yet.
- Get all treasures on Matilda region (Dragon Armor, Guard Ring, Violence Rune on Rockaxe, Mega Medicine)
- On Matilda forest, You need to get a battle with ONLY Hollyboy group inside (without Papaholly). This enemy group will give you high exp and easy to beat. When you get them, use Buddy ATK and Loyal Dog ATK then anyone else attack normally. Win this battle and you get huge level up (my party going from lv 7 to 13, yeah).
- Exit south to Greenhill region, pick treasures on Greenhill and Forest Village (Recipe #20, Old Book vol. 5 and 6).
- Attach Runes at Greenhill. Believe it or not, it's free (0 potch)
- Back to Coronet and pick Recipe #5.
- This detour may seems waste time, but my purpose is when you walk on world maps you can encounter Sickle that can drop Gale rune. So instead you fight repeatedly and bored fights, add this detour to make it less boring although you still need to reset if takes too much time (at this point, my time is 1.17)
- After this detour finished, time to buy gift for Pilika and continue story.
play for fun : suikoden 2 gameplay

User Info: handryspoof

5 years ago#10
Now continue the story...
- Don't forget recruit Hanna lol, when you recruit Tsai place him on party instead convoy. Unless you want to use him on future sections, you want to strip some of his equipped items.
- Go to North Sparrow and talk to guard there. There is a funny scene for Nanami, even some walkthroughs don't mention it. And this scene missable since I tried to rush the game and you can't trigger this anymore after Jowy betrays you.
- Save before you meet Flik and Viktor after getting back from Tsai's place. Here is the important deal. The next arc, you will given 3 random party members beside our trio. So you want to strip everyone's equipment then keep some better equipments so that you can equip random members some good equipments. Store all un-needed items to Barbara. If you're using Matilda glitch, you even only need to prepare 1 party member since you'll be forced with 5 members. I'm gonna reset until I got a party member that I want. I pick Gengen as my last spot, although he is not good fighters, I personally choose him because you can store many items to him (6 equipments, 1 rune, 1 weapon rune). I need to keep inventory slot as empty as possible since Barbara will leave for a while.
- Flik's duel is not big problem. If you read a duel guide somewhere, just memorize all opponent's wild attack quote so you will defend to counter.
- First field war/major battle also not big deal. But if you want faster time. Save first then always use Fire spear on Solon's unit on Riou's turn, if he's killed, battle will end instantly.
- Very important, you must save first after this battle so if you don't get random party members you want you will reset from this progress..

to be continued for now...
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