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==Secrets of SM64, Part 7==
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, ... 46, 47, 48, 49, 50 ]
Why does Mario kick when other times he dives?resolution_evil26/20 9:29AM
L Is Real 2401JetInMoonX65/30 12:42AM
All these years later, just wondering....Krayzie3435/11 6:45AM
When I was young, Sunshine was my favorite Mario game.TheThirdDay35/5 8:17AM
140 barrier broken!SuperMarioGamer15/4 11:27PM
Was this a glitch? Mysterious HP gainDorkLink75/4 12:51PM
The ending screenshot is highly unlikelyHighself74/5 8:51AM
Hatless run... ever done one ?Highself64/1 6:02AM
Can you ground pound after letting go of a ledge?cadcrafter43/10 2:44AM
Would you say that Super Mario 64 is the video game equivalent to Toy Story?slk_2352/25 2:41PM
What was your 120th star?SyxxPakk672/12 2:25AM
When I was a kid, I did not know about the slide in Tall, Tall Mountain.Rango61/28 8:58AM
My coin records on video including a perfect 146 coins on Rainbow RideMI4 REAL11/2 9:02PM
I just realized that the cake is a lie!nonexistinghero11/2 11:00AM
Am I weird for thinking the piano is the scariest thing in any video game ever?slk_23512/21 12:00PM
It's been nearly a year now, so one has to ask...DullahansXMark512/6 4:22PM
Is it true that King Bob-Omb turns into a ball after you defeat him?slk_23211/16 3:58AM
I've recently started my first playthrough on this as I'm trying to...NoctisLucCaelum1011/14 2:28PM
Did anybody here see the video about the discovery of the new impossible coin?slk_23210/29 1:41AM
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