What does Mario say?

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User Info: MrZopo

8 years ago#1
"It's me, Mario" or "It's a me, Mario"?
Also, what does he say when you choose a save file to play and when you enter a level?

User Info: ameba2

8 years ago#2
He says "It's me, Mario!" with an italian accent, so it sounds like "It's-a me, Mario!". When you choose a save file he says "Okey Dokey" and when you enter a course he says "Let's-a go!".

User Info: NintendoKing402

8 years ago#3
For awhile, I thought he said Whopsikol when he entered a level.
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User Info: HyperSiIence

8 years ago#4
Always sounded like "Lots to go" to me. As in stars.
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User Info: Lucanator3

8 years ago#5
When he entered a level, I always thought he said Mexico.

I know, random huh?

User Info: NeonBlonde1138

8 years ago#6
I always thought it sounded like "let's to go" like broken english.
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User Info: UltimatePisman

8 years ago#7
Let's-a go, in the first years of having this game, I thought he said "Dacht ik al", which is Dutch for "I thought so".
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User Info: GanonMan1987

8 years ago#8
Thank God, I thought this was going to be yet another topic about "so long gay Bowser"...

Anyway, it's a very stereotypical italian accent which adds an "a" after every other syllable.
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