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User Info: Mario64Masters

8 years ago#1
Hi, we're the Mario64Masters. We have developed a challenge to push Super Mario 64 to its limits, requiring skillful gameplay, cunning glitches glitches, intense moments and immense perseverance. It was inspired by Manocheese's brilliant Über Challenge For "Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time" and yes, we have received his permission to use that name.

The challenge has two parts:

1. Finish the game.
2. Collect all possible stars.

There is a heap of restrictions you must be bound by while playing. If you break any of the rules you have to reset . The restrictions are as follow:

-No coins may be collected or produced (e.g. From killing enemies, Bowser’s flame or running around a pole in Bobomb Battlefield.)

-No collecting or activating 1up mushrooms (lives). This includes not making them appear (Like climbing to the top of some trees) or making existing lives move (Like on the Princess's Secret slide).

-You may not gather “collectibles” where numbers appear and 5 are needed to activate a star. Chests are allowed since you only need 4.

-No pressing any switches (e.g. Purple switches, cap switches).

-No shooting from cannons.

-No using teleporting spots.

-Never lose your cap.

-Never wear any of the three special caps (except for when Mario automatically wears the wing cap when you finish the game).

-Boxes cannot be opened unless there is a star inside.

-No deaths.

-No damage from ANYTHING EXCEPT large falls and water. You can regain health from anything that is allowed.

-No activating the motion of any movable platform (like elevators that only move when you stand on them) except those whose central position cannot be changed. These allowable exceptions include seesaws, rocking platforms and the falling block that tries to crush you halfway up the volcano.
(If you want to get technical, manipulating luck which may change the motion of a platform is allowed.)

-Any other platform may be used if the way you use it does not affect its motion (like sets of 4 cycling checker blocks).

-No using the switches in Wet Dry World to change the water level.

-The swimming beast in the Hazy Maze Cave cannot be touched, nor can any penguin.

-Excluding scenes at the start and end of the game the only characters you can talk to are the rabbit and Bowser. One not so obvious case involves the Lakitu. You must avoid it talking outside the castle, and you must avoid Whomp’s Fortress since the Lakitus speak when you first enter that level. In some levels (like Bob-omb Battlefield and Lethal Lava Land) text appears when you enter the level. This is allowed because they are not talking characters but more like Mario's thoughts, messages on signs etc.

-Updrafts may not be activated. Side drafts may be used as long as they do not blow off your cap.

-No combat with anything except Bowser and the rabbit (if you call catching it combat).

-Enemies may not be killed even if it is not directly an act of Mario. This includes enemies falling off an edge as well. You may only continue if it lands on a platform Mario can walk on glitchlessly.

-No touching any enemy (except Bowser or the rabbit).

Note: A Thwomp, Grindel or Spindel is not an enemy by our standards because it is basically a moving platform. (You still must not get hurt by it)

User Info: Mario64Masters

8 years ago#2
-No entering any warp pipes in Tiny-Huge Island.


-No touching the cartridge or power cord intentionally while playing.

-You can use any version of the game (except DS).
Note: If you use an emulator you must not use save states for any purpose except backing up your file or practising. The emulator version of the game must be exactly the same version as one on N64 or Wii. No unfair advantage such as crooked cartridge may be emulated.

-At least 15 stars must be collected before entering Dire, Dire Docks. If you wish you may collect more.

-You must get the star "Board Bowser's Sub" in Dire, Dire Docks.

We have done the challenge ourselves multiple times and revised it so you can rest assured that you can complete the game and get a good number of stars. If you're thinking of taking this challenge please post about it. We recommend that you start by simply finishing the game and then try to get all possible stars (since new stars may be discovered.)

We will provide help and answer questions as people post them, and will reveal information such as a list of stars and walkthroughs if people show interest. Even if you don't know where to start on the challenge, if you ask we will answer as soon as we can. For those willing to attempt this challenge GOOD LUCK and HAVE FUN. Also you can email us at Mario64Masters ()&at*^ gmail.com (replace the ()&at*^ with @). Please put mario in the subject if you do or else we'll probably assume it's spam.

User Info: pokezeldabros

8 years ago#3
15 stars require you to collect 100 coins so what do you say to that
and the big bomb-omb is required to get 120 staqrs
but i cant rule a destroyed world muuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuum I've confused my self again

User Info: adika25630

8 years ago#4
Well, BoB is available by default, so check it out.

Star 1: You can't talk to characters except the rabbit or Bowser, so you can't get this star.
Star 2: Same thing.
Star 3: Go to the mountain with the koopa shell, then jump to the island. It's hard, but possible. (1 star)
Star 4: Coin collecting isn't allowed.
Star 5: See above.
Star 6: There's a red coin on the post where Chain Chomp is. If you use the bob-omb glitch, it explodes and it turns into a coin. You can BLJ on the elevator, but you won't do it without savestates and frame advance.

Done with BoB. You can't enter WF, so the next course is PSS.

(too lazy to finish post)
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User Info: BikdipOnABus

8 years ago#5
The Koopa Shell isn't available in star #1 though. Your very first action in the game would have to be either BLJing to "Behind Chain Chomp's Gate" or BLJing in the lobby to reach one of the other levels, such as BitDW.
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User Info: BikdipOnABus

8 years ago#6
Wait never mind, you can get to the floating island without the shell.
Trading excessively to fill the Pokedex without putting any effort into it yourself is no better than cheating.
26 people agree as of 5/17/09

User Info: BikdipOnABus

8 years ago#7
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

User Info: fiddlededee

8 years ago#8
So wait, we have to get ALL the stars? With the restrictions, I worked out that there's 30 stars from the 15 courses a lone (red coins and 100 coins), then there's red coins from the 3 Bowser courses, 3 cap courses, and aquarium, over the rainbow, totalling 38. That's from the coins.
Collectibles? Well um.... Through The Jet Stream (x2), Pyramid Puzzle, Secrets in the Shallows & the Sky, Five Itty Bitty Secrets ... that's 5 (did I miss any?)
No pressing any switches? Well no metal cap means no Metal Head Mario Can Move (another star) and maybe some more, and no vanish cap means no "Quickrace through downtown", or "Collect the Caps" or Into the Igloo (whatever it's called) ... that's 3 more. We've got around 47 stars unattainable.
No shooting from cannons? Well er.... Blast Away the Wall is gone, as is Blast to the Stone Pillar, Blast to the lonely mushroom, and somewhere over the rainbow for one thing.... 51 stars now.

Missing the whole of Whomp's Fortress? Wow, well that makes a total of 54 stars now.
No raising/lowering water in WDW? Well so far we have the 2 coins, secrets, and quickrace stars... top of the town should be possible whatever the level, however, I'm not sure about express elevator.

No elevator motion activation? Well goodbye volcano stars ... we're now at 56 stars.

No combat? Well... Big Bob-omb, Big Boo x 3, Eyerok, and Wiggler, makes a total of 62 stars now.
Making only 58 collectable.

Of course this would be without using glitches, but with glitches... well there's still probably over 30 stars not obtainable.
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User Info: Uzelxa

8 years ago#9

From: fiddlededee | #008
Well no metal cap means no Metal Head Mario Can Move (another star)

You can get that star without the use of the Metal Cap.
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User Info: BikdipOnABus

8 years ago#10
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]
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