How can I delete data?

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User Info: MattBlaah

9 years ago#1
I bought this on Ebay and everythings been done and unlocked, all the challenges are complete. I worked out how to delete the saves on classic mode but is there any way to just wipe all of it?

User Info: MauroMC123

9 years ago#2
Hey, i FIND OUT HOW RESET THIS GAME! is really, really, REALLY HARD to find it so, created this acc just to answer you, be happy!
When you select the Original 1985 mode, there is a
file select screen with three files. If you press the Start button while on the
file select screen, you can copy or clear one of the files. If you hold down
Select while selecting "Clear" (press A to activate), ALL saved game
information will be deleted.

User Info: Colonel_Mustang

9 years ago#3
Take your game to a plastic playground and rub it around the slides. WARNING: You may completely destroy your game, so follow the above poster's advice :)
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  3. How can I delete data?

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