Secret Level Unlock

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User Info: SKI008

9 years ago#1
Been playing SSB since it came out and I have everything but the mushroom kingdom stage. All the guides I've seen say you beat the game with the original 8 characters and then play on every single multiplayer map at least once. I've done that and no mushroom kingdom. Is there anything more to it?


User Info: basser2204

9 years ago#2
i think you gotta play 100 multiplayer matches. something like that.
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User Info: z0cka

9 years ago#3
The guides are right, you are doing something wrong. It worked for me.

User Info: exodus122

9 years ago#4
I think you have to beat the ame with all characters on MEDIUM.
Try that.

User Info: exodus122

9 years ago#5
ignore the typo^
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