Break the Targets and Board the Platforms Records

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User Info: KyleSinclair

7 years ago#1
Hello all! I'm not sure if Isai, Bruno, Andy, Tom, etc. still come around here (I know I haven't for a long while), but here are the North American Version Records for the Bonus stages as far as I remember. If any of these are wrong and/or you know the correct records, please correct me!

Break the Targets
Luigi - 11"27 (marth1)
Mario - 08"15 (marth1)
DK - 09"29 (malva)
Link - 11"31 (malva, marth1)
Samus - 08"91 (malva)
Falcon - 09"23 (malva)
Ness - 16"40 (malva)
Yoshi - 14"97? (marth1?, malva?)
Kirby - 14"07 (marth1)
Fox - 09"95 (malva)
Pikachu - 09"xx (malva?)
Jigglypuff - 13"20 (marth1)
Total Best Time - 2'1x"xx (malva)

Board the Platforms
Luigi - 20"8x? (malva)
Mario - 16"59 (Kyle, malva)
DK - 23"61 (malva)
Link - 22"67 (Kyle)
Samus - 25"31 (Kyle), 25"11 (gontaro, JV)
Falcon - 21"47 (malva, marth1?)
Ness - 2x"xx (malva)
Yoshi - 16"35 (Kyle)
Kirby - 30"43? (malva)
Fox - 25"05 (Andrew)
Pikachu - 16"95 (malva)
Jigglypuff - 22"57 (Kyle), 22"53 (gontaro, JV)
Total Best Time - 4'2x"xx (malva)

I'm especially curious as to what the current Luigi BtP NAVR is - I know Bruno has 20"91, but I'm almost positive Isai got 20"8x before Bruno broke 21 seconds.

User Info: KyleSinclair

7 years ago#2
Samus - 25"27
Total Best Time - 4'32"72

User Info: KyleSinclair

7 years ago#3
Luigi - 20"90
Total Best Time - 4'32"47

I got 21"09 without a slip-off :O and then had a bad run with the slip-off. I can get 20"7x, but it will take time. Platform 9 is going to be the end of me >.<

User Info: Perfect_DM

7 years ago#4
Oh my, old memories flooding back!!!
Lysdexics of the World, UNTIE!
PDM, the sage of SSB Addicts

User Info: TylerF

7 years ago#5
ya don't say =)
"There's no geographical solution to an emotional problem." - T. Soprano

User Info: KyleSinclair

7 years ago#6
PDM! Good to see you around. If I remember correctly, you have 23"69 DK and I should also give you some credit for my Yoshi time as you were the first to sub-17, right?

User Info: moogle561

7 years ago#7
A few days ago, a friend of a friend was at my apartment, and he was wanting to play ssb64. He started talking about Isai, and I asked him if he had heard of moogle, and he said yeah. I told him I was moogle, and he freaked out.

Hey Kyle. :p

User Info: metroid888

7 years ago#8
e-Fame lol :)
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User Info: KyleSinclair

7 years ago#9
hey moogle!

User Info: CronoNes

7 years ago#10
Just wondering, is there any version difference? In my N64 cartdridge, i can't reach the platform with Falcon in a single jump( The small one at the right ), while on the version that i play on the emulator it does, i have a similar issue with yoshi and samus =/
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