**How To Play Theme Hospital on 64-bit Windows 7**

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User Info: BBilbo1

6 years ago#1
This is Copypasta. Not me.

I might actually feel like playing Theme Hospital so I went ahead and downloaded it. You can find the download I used here:


It's abandonware so don't feel bad about the free download, you're not pirating it or anything. I tried it out and it works fairly well on my Windows 7 machine. I'll give you a quick guide.

1. Create a folder you want to keep your DOS games in, I like to keep it simple by making it D:Games/DOS.
2. Unzip the game and place the entire folder into your newly created DOS folder.
3. Start up DOSBox.
4. In DOSBox, type in the following commands:
mount c d:/games/dos (Or the path to whatever your folder happens to be)
5. Now your game is running. Theme Hospital is somewhat newer for a DOS game, so you'll need to increase the speed of the DOSBox emulation to get it running a bit better. Press Ctrl and F12 to increase the speed of your "DOS PC". Keep pressing this until the game is running smoothly but not at a roadrunner pace. If you go too far you can press Ctrl and F11 to decrease the speed.
6. You can press Alt + Enter to make the game full screen. Although I've found this can sometimes make it act a little wonky.

There ya go, enjoy your classic game!
GamerTag: Hammer2Fall
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