I'm a bit ashamed that I've never played this til now

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User Info: KurtKokaine4

6 years ago#1
I'm completely new to the whole Tomb Raider franchise. I've recently discovered a retro store that sells old games, and I saw this and TR 2, so I bought them immediately (for extremely cheap by the way).

I started up a game last night, and what can I say. This really is a gem of a fun game. Dated for sure, but I'm old school, so I can appreciate the graphics. One thing I love though is the seemingly complicated jumping mechanics. It threw me off at first, but after some practice, it really is fun jumping from platform to rocky platform. I really feel like a tomb raider.

It also took me a while to get used to combat. I was stoked to find out I had infinite ammo and Lara auto-locks (which seems key to this type of game). The wolves owned me at first, but then I got used to jumping all over the place and shooting in the air. It's still a bit disorienting though, but enjoyable nonetheless. But damn was I horrified when I saw this huge mother f******* T-Rex start charging at me. That part about freaked me out a bit. Sadly, after dying a few times, I realized he really isn't that difficult to dodge, just don't let him trap you in a corner. Although when I realized you can easily kill him from inside the cave, I reloaded my file and killed him that way with no damage.

So yeah, I'm up to the Tomb of Q-whats-his-face. Tried to finish that last night, but got a bit drunk and needed to go to bed. Hopefully I'll have more time to play this weekend. Awesome, Awesome game!!

User Info: joe042293

6 years ago#2
Great to see you're getting into it. Tomb of Qualopec is pretty good, but wait till you get to the next level: St. Francis' Folly is excellent.
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User Info: DoughBoy319

6 years ago#3

Tomb of Qualopec can be difficult at first. The spikes can be killer here. One bad jump and pop goes Lara. Once you grab the first Scion piece, run and watch out for the ceiling. You'll then come face to face with Larson.

Folly really is a great level. I just hope you're not afraid of heights. Once you drain the water with the alligator in it, you'll enter a room with a floor that's a long ways down. Watch out for Pierre. He's the guy in a brown jacket that shoots at you. Oh, and you can't kill him......yet. Wait until Tomb of Tihocan. Three levels are between Folly and Tihocan.

It's a great game. I'm like you, and old school gamer that still loves these kind of graphics.
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User Info: scaryfoot

6 years ago#4
Yeah, you should be ashmed
Just kidding *lol*
Better late than never I always say.
It's great that you discovered this classic. It is one of my all time favorites.
I just love the atmosphere in this game.

User Info: KurtKokaine4

6 years ago#5
Yeah, I'm gonna set aside some time tonight to play it. Can't wait to see what surprises this game will hold for me.

Speaking of surprises, is there any reason why someone would post spoilers in a topic created by someone who obviously has never played this game before? Is this a normal action from this board? Well, now I have to annoyingly skip over that post every time I look into this topic, since I obviously don't want to read it.

Sorry, that kind of put me in a bad mood. I'd still like to discuss this game more after tonight's run.

User Info: joe042293

6 years ago#6
Yeah, it did strike me as kind of weird that someone would do that. The spoilers in that post will become known to you after you complete Tomb of Tihocan, just so you know.
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User Info: KurtKokaine4

6 years ago#7
Well my second night of playing this game started out pretty badly. I'm not sure what you guys like about that Francis' Folly level. It was full of "piss-me-off moments". Those freaking tiger-like bastards, and gorillas and motherf***** with the gun who takes about 50 bullets before he runs away!!! What a pain in the ass that damn level was. It took me hours to get through all that crap. Thankfully though, my night was salvaged when I played through the Colosseum level. I found that level to be quite fun, and a huge break from the last level.

So now I'm up to the part where there looks like strange, little cribs in a room with some gorillas. Are those gorilla baby cribs? If so, that's a bit freaky.

Quick question. Is it normal to feel like I'm playing a Resident Evil-type game? I mean this game is scary!! It really freaks me out when I turn a corner only to have a freaking saber-toothed tiger (or whatever the hell those tiger-like freaks are) all in my face. The only saving grace here is that these enemies don't respawn. I hate that s***.

But yeah, thank goodness for the Colosseum level, cuz I was having a very frustrating time, and I'd hate to have spent the entire night pissed off. Still a pretty awesome game.

User Info: SiReNz wAiL

SiReNz wAiL
6 years ago#8
Once you learn the layout of SFF, you never have to worry about Pierre. Maybe since you're playing this so long after it's release is why you don't quite get that level. How many games in 1996 had a 100 ft pitch black drop through a myriad of mythology with an epic score in the background?

To this day I still love that level, as does my best "Tomb Raider" friend. I love Anniversary's level even more because I can cheat to the bottom through the physics engine and full health checkpoint respawn.

I vaguely remember my first time with this game, as long ago as it was, and the learning curve was steep. But worth it, oh so worth it.
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User Info: KurtKokaine4

6 years ago#9
Yeah, you make valid points. Back in '96, I was still playing Sonic the Hedgehog on my Genesis, so I can imagine the awesome feeling gamers must have had playing levels like this one in Tomb Raider. So yeah, if I have played it back then, I might would have enjoyed it more. As it is though, I really can't stand it. Maybe after a few more playthroughs, I'll learn my way around a bit more, and might change my mind.

I've had a couple nights with this game since my last post, and I reeeaallly enjoy the levels after SFF. Actually, that's only partially true. I was having an epic time playing the Cistern level, really enjoying myself. I thought I was doing good, studying every area meticulously, taking my time. But I eventually got stuck, and when I say stuck, I mean stuck for HOURS! So that was the end of that night.

I started it up a couple nights later, and admitted defeat and had to force myself to look up a walkthrough for that section. I felt so ashamed, but my buzz was fading and I didn't want to spend a whole gaming session figuring that damn one level out.

The next couple levels were so fun though. I was ecstatic to finally be done with that butt f*** Pierre. I hope the devil has endless fun with his soul. Although he did scare the piss out of me though, cuz I had just had an epic fight with one of those centaur "statues", and after that, I thought I'd wait to save, thinking since I just had a boss fight, the game wouldn't throw anything else at me just yet. So I attempt to explore the room when I hear some french voice behind me, followed by gunshots. Man, I know that took a good 5 years off my life. F*** Eidos for that s***. Hell, not only that, but at the same time, the other freaking CENTAUR WOKE UP!!! This game is soo much scarier than Resident Evil.

Okay, tonight I'm going through the City of Khamoon. Played a little bit of it the other night, and it looks like it'll be another fun level. Some pretty tough enemies so far, but I think tonight will be a very fun night.

User Info: Shotgunnova

6 years ago#10
Glad you liked Cistern -- that's probably my favorite level in all of Raiderdom.
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