Does anyone play this game anymore?

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User Info: Clesker

6 years ago#11
At last! I just beat the game not even 10 minutes ago! I had some trouble with the dragon, but after a few tries I managed to get him stuck behind a pillar! Imagine that! This was my very first play through of the game and it's been exhilarating. My next goal is to find all of the secrets! I managed to find 43 of them, which is about half, so that's a start!

User Info: Starwind128

6 years ago#12
Wow this board is dead. Oh well...

I started a new game last summer, I'm on the 5th or 6th level...I really can't remember. It was the first time I had played the game in 10 years. I originally got into the Tomb Raider series in early 99 after I got my first Playstation for Christmas in 98. I was addicted to the original TR Trilogy throughout the entire summer of 99, & I remember coming back & playing them again the following summer.

Coming back to the originals after 10 years was an amazing feeling. It was almost new in a way, yet at the same time I was surprised at how much I remembered about the games, & how much I had forgotten. I played this & TR3 for a short period of time last summer, yet I need to find the time to resume my play through but I'm just busy with work & goofing off.

Now that I'm in my mid 20s I don't have time to play as many games as I did when I was younger but the TR series will always be the series that originally made me passionate about gaming.
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User Info: GM_

6 years ago#13
I'm playing it right now. :p
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User Info: KurtKokaine4

6 years ago#14
Well I was playing it. I've just beaten it twice and have basically spent my entire summer playing Tomb Raider games. Glad you enjoyed it.

User Info: 1983guy

6 years ago#15
This game's been lying around at my mom's house for years. I bought it when it first came out in 97' and couldn't get past the first level. So I stored it in a closet and it's been there for 14 years.

Just a few weeks ago I was over visiting mom and she handed me a box full of stuff she cleaned out of a closet. Tomb Raider 2, my PSX and some other games were in that box. I plan to get drunk soon, and try to play it. Maybe I'll be better at it now.
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User Info: SpaceXoDDity

5 years ago#16
Yay stuck at Maria Doria again. -_-
forgot what I used to do lol.

User Info: Ashley_wwe

5 years ago#17
Yeah, I still play it :). I completed it again a few months back.

I have been a fan ever since a few months after the original came out. Me, my dad and my brother all played the early ones at the same time.

Tomb Raider II (and I) is one of my favourite games of all time! there is just so much exploration, fun, awesome levels, scary moments and nostalgia with this game. Although, I do dislike the first 2 Rig levels.

I still have yet to complete TR3, 4 and 5 properly. I have completed all of the other games (besides the Game Boy ones and the add-ons for the PC, but that will soon change).

So yeah, TR2 is one of my favourite all-time games :D.
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  3. Does anyone play this game anymore?

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