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User Info: KurtKokaine4

6 years ago#1 in the bloody blue hell does Bartoli get his disgusting, grubby hands on the Dagger of Xian. Lara got to it waaayy before he did, but she fell victim to the collapsible floors that await any intruder plotting to steal the damn dagger. Even if Bartoli somehow made it past the locked dragon gate (that Lara spent the entire game trying to get the key for), he should have fallen into the abyss to his death below the Dagger.

Honestly though, i'm not even trippin' about that so much. My main issue is that he shouldn't have even been inside the Temple of Xian to begin with. Lara got to the Talion first. The gates locked behind her. What the f***, can the creepy bastard walk through walls or something??!!!

User Info: Starwind128

6 years ago#2
Its a video game man. S*** happens.
Oh dear. Someone said something that I don't like, they must be trolling.
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User Info: KurtKokaine4

6 years ago#3
Nah, that's a cop-out excuse. Games with stories are just another form of literature. Interactive literature, but no less important. Tomb Raider 2 told a story, and in doing so, Core Design should have made the story tie together in a sensible fashion. The whole thing with Bartoli in the Temple of Xian just wasn't sensible, and calling it a game to excuse this is even less sensible.

User Info: UltimaGabe

6 years ago#4
Welcome to the world of archeological fiction. No matter what, the main character will ALWAYS be ahead, yet the bad guy will ALWAYS somehow get there one step ahead of the main character (along with thirty or forty lackies too). The Uncharted games are even more guilty of this- you'll open a chamber that hasn't been opened in centuries and somehow not only will the bad guy be there, but there'll already be an entire battalion of soldiers waiting behind that sealed door with AK-47's. Even though you're up in the Tibetan mountains and the only way to get there is by climbing precarious ledges and walking over wooden bridges that break the moment you touch them. Nevermind the question of where this bad guy is getting the food and clean water it takes to feed an army of five hundred up in the Tibetan mountains...

Like I said, it's the world of archeological fiction. The writers know that the story won't be as cool if there isn't a climactic neck-and-neck race to get the artifact, so they simply don't bother thinking of a plot that stands up without that. It's ridiculous, I know, but good luck finding fiction that doesn't resort to that.
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User Info: MikeSSJ part 3

MikeSSJ part 3
6 years ago#5
you'll open a chamber that hasn't been opened in centuries and somehow not only will the bad guy be there, but there'll already be an entire battalion of soldiers waiting behind that sealed door with AK-47's.

That's because while you used the "real" entrance, your enemies just blasted through the back door.
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User Info: Ashley_wwe

6 years ago#6
Heh, I know what you mean, but I think Gabe said it pretty well, especially with the last sentence :).

On stuff like this, it's just best to make something up in your head. Such as, how about this one:

The trap has already been activated, so it doesn't need to go again. You see this sort of stuff yourself through your Tomb Raider travels ;). Also, maybe they just had the doors locked so they didn't have to design the end of the last level again? as if the doors never were closed :). So kinda like Lara just made it easy for everybody else to walk right in after all the traps etc. have already been activated once. But even then, how did Lara get back out after the first level, and how did all of those guys get across, especially with a zipline that appears to be only be used once?

Not only that, but what was that little room about on the Deck level... and why/who put the key on the top of the deck? how did Lara even get back out, and not only that but it doesn't make sense because some of the level is upright, while others isn't.

Ah well, just makes good use of your imagination I guess ;).

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