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User Info: RX_Tech_Miner

5 years ago#1
This game deserves to have at least one topic alive on its board.

Even though Tomb Raider 3 is a difficult game I've played it so many times I thought I needed a challenge. This Secrets Challenge I invented might be something for guys and gals who likes this game a lot.


1. You must take (or at least register) all 60 secrets in the game.
2. You're only allowed to take pick-ups that belongs to the secrets.
3. Exceptions: you may also take items that's necessary to have to progress through the game or to find secrets. There are also four save crystals that are extremely hard to avoid taking because they are placed in narrow areas in water (two in Lud's Gate and one each in High Security Compound and RX-Tech Mines) - these may be taken but not used, so if you take all of them you must finish the game with four save crystals left.

Note that since Lara will be arrested and lose almost all her inventory after the level Nevada Desert (the fifth level if the Nevada adventure is choosen before London and South Pacific) this challenge can be divided into two parts:

Part 1: level 1-5 where you don't need to care a lot about ammo and medipacks since you don't get to keep it anyway.

Part 2: level 6-19 which is the difficult part. You must be sparse on ammo and medipacks on the easy parts or you'll get a hell surviving when it gets difficult.

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