How screwed am I?

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User Info: pure mind games

pure mind games
3 years ago#1
The guide I glanced at(haven't actually been using it but I didn't wanna screw myself by picking an area that was too difficult) said to do South Pacific after India, I'm on Crash Site level, and have: 1 save crystal, 3 Small Medi Packs, 2 Large Medi Packs, 4 Grenade Launcher, I feel I should have more weapons, or at least the shotgun.
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User Info: AkanubonOrih

3 years ago#2
You should have gotten the shotgun in the first level I think. It was right next to the first guardian statue you ever come across (that doesn't come to life). I'm playing the PC version so it may be a bit different.

But yeah, you sound pretty screwed there.

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