This game is horrible

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User Info: thefatedhour

5 years ago#1
I think turok 1 and 2 are absolute classics both on the n64 and for fps in general. Massive areas, dozens of enemies, awesome weapons. Turok 2 was 3-4 years ahead of its time in my opinion. Back in 1999 or whenever this piece of crap came out, I remember being so excited for turok 3, only to rent it and have my jaw drop at how bad it was. Uninspired enemies, horrible HORRIBLE animation, hideously bland levels, disgusting sound effects. I think this is one of the worst games ever made for any platform, especially considering how revolutionary 1 and 2 were. Turok 2 takes at least 20 hours the first time, and 1 is at least 10. This game has 5 levels. Turok 1 and 2 probably have 50-100 comparably sized areas to this games 5. Hive of the Mantids had 15-16 maps alone. I have always considered this one of the worst games of all time since the day i first played it. Ive tried over and over to see redeeming qualities, but there are none. What blows my mind and why i posting this is... 7/10, 10/10 reviews on gamefaqs are you kidding me. What kind of formaldahyde are these people smoking. Did they never play turok 2. If wolfenstein was a 10, turok 3 is -100. This game was a true insult to the previous turok games. If you think this game is even ok, you dont deserve to ever play a video game ever again. This is the worst game ever made period if you disagree you are wrong. Turok 2 is one of the best. What the f happened.

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