Early Advancement Custom (Choose your Class Advancements)

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User Info: ZaruenKosai

8 months ago#1
Yes These Codes are Very Common, but thats not the secret.

There are many like me I am sure that want to play this game again but with the cooler advanced classes from the beginning.. sort of like a new game plus.

If you use the default digits with the quick level up code.. you will instantly jump to Level 100
Kinda broken yes.. however if you replace the last 4 zeros with 0300.. you will only jump to level 10.

than by using the advancement modifiers (AFTER you change class once) you will be able to access the advanced classes for all your characters as soon as you get them (or after 1 battle since you need to access a battle for them to gain the experience points and level up.)


you will access 2nd Advanced Classes at Level 10 with all characters and using quick Level gain customized code, you will only jump to level 10 instead of 100.

#Vandal Hearts#SLUS-15882
"Quick Level Up
8002AAB0 ????
"Ash Advancement Modifier
801402F4 ????
"Clint Advancement Modifier
80140316 ????
"Diego Advancement Modifier
80140338 ????
"Eleni Advancement Modifier
8014035A ????
"Huxley Advancement Modifier
8014037C ????
"Kira Advancement Modifier
8014039E ????
"Grog Advancement Modifier
801403C0 ????
"Dolan Advancement Modifier
801403E2 ????
"Amon Advancement Modifier
80140404 ????
"Sara Advancement Modifier
80140426 ????
"Zohar Advancement Modifier
80140426 ????
"Darius Advancement Modifier
80140448 ????
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User Info: Raas_Earl

8 months ago#2

Can you customize character item codes as well?

Example: Ash always has a herb.

X always has a magic refill item.

Y always has an all attack item.


Thank you in advance.

User Info: Zadrieck_VH7

8 months ago#3
Great stuff, keep it up.
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