A draw?! In a battle royale?

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User Info: jessebalzer

5 years ago#1
My brother and I decided to break out the N64 and throw down in Revenge for the first time in a year or so. We set up for a 20-man battle royale, with winning conditions set to ring out, pinfall, and submission. And then this happened:

Many eliminations took place, until it came down to DDP, Disco Inferno, and Juvi. Larry Zbyszko had just been eliminated and he was busy trying to drag any of us out of the ring that he could. As DDP, I was the next one thrown out of the ring and I set my sights on dragging Disco (played by my brother) out so that Juvi would win the match. While preparing to do so, my brother punched Juvi, knocking him onto the apron. He charged and shoulder blocked Juvi off the apron and sent him flying into the guardrail. But while Juvi was in the air, I grappled from outside and started to pull Disco out of the ring. Juvi clearly hit first, the bell rang, and a second later Disco hit the floor. And so the screen read, "Draw."

Now, draws have certainly occurred in these kinds of matches before in the "real" world of wrestling (you may recall the Royal Rumble where Bret Hart and Lex Luger were eliminated simultaneously), but never have I seen this happen in a video game. This was a complete shock to us. Though we couldn't watch a replay of the ending to confirm what had just happened, it was obvious that Juvi hit the floor several seconds before Disco.

So my question is this: Has this ever happened to anyone else? I suspect that the game recognized Disco's elimination the moment I grappled from outside the ring, but since Juvi was in the air at the time the game just declared the match a draw. Wild. I only wished I had been recording this in some fashion so I could share it via YouTube.

This is why I love Revenge so very much. 13 + years later, and I can still find new and exciting things in it. I can't imagine the same could be said for the new WWE '12 game years from now, though in all fairness that is a pretty decent game.
"You shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you mad." Aldous Huxley
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