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User Info: psaco

5 years ago#1
After playing WWE '13, I decided to take things into my own hands. Yeah the game has some nice features but its 2012 guys, I'm not here to bash past games but real wrestling video game fans know what I'm talking about. I'm a big fan of the AKI wrestling games, and even the Def Jam series. These Yukes iterations have only done a mediocre job. So I'm in the process of researching what fans want, whats missing, and what needs to be improved. You might say "Oh, its too late" "They will never listen" "It won't work" obviously with that mindset, nothing will be achieved.

I read in an article on 411mania about why synSophia (formerly AKI) would love to create a new wrestling game but for the following reasons can't:

-Capital (which can be obtained with proper planning)
-Consumer Demand

After all, video games wouldn't exist if it weren't for the consumers. They make profit by creating what we want/need (whats in demand)

I am in the research phase and have contacted synSophia to work with me, that way when looking for venture capitalists, the deal seems credible.

So what I am asking from you guys is to work together (put the egos aside) give me your input on what you think would be needed to create a great wrestling game. Lets show synSophia the "consumer demand" they need to jumpstart this.
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