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User Info: Rypt

4 years ago#1


DDP's appearance/moves:

Body Size 2
Ring attire 2
Tattoo 21

Head 1 (color 1)
Face 9
Hair 1 4 (color 4)
Hair 2 34
Facial Hair 11
Masks 12

Gloves 5
Elbow Pad 2
Feet 24

Elbow Strike
Front Kick 1
Front Kick 4
Overhand punch 1
Standing Clothesline
Spinnung Punch
Running back elbow smash x 2
Running elbow smash x 2

ducking attack: low blow

block counter punch: Falling arm breaker counter
Counter special grapple
Pushing takedown counter
Manhattan drop counter
Special counter back grapple

Overhand punch 1
Strong head butt
Knee lift
Scoop Slam
Shoulder thrusts
russian leg sweep
swinging neckbreaker
belly to back suplex
gordbuster 2
snap suplex
front face pancake
sambo suplex
sideswipe powerbomb pin
manhattan drop
piledriver 2
3/4 turn neckbreaker
Falling front neckbreaker

back drop x 2
abdominal stretch x 2
School boy x 2
Pump handle suplex x 2
reverse suplex x 2

tilt a whirl sideslam
body press drop
headscissor takedown
monkey flip
body press 3/4 turn neckbreaker

shoulder thrusts
knee strikes
double underhook suplex
3/4 turn neckbreaker

mounted position punching
sitting reverse armbar
knee smash
single crab
hard elbow drop x 2
running elbow drop
running stomp

taunt 04
taunt 01
taunt 05 x 3
Taunt 117
taunt 04
taung 09
taunt 09
taunt 10
taunt 05

Height: 6'5
Weight: 248
Music: Cactus or Sunday Night HeAT

NOTE: Ring attire 54 can also be used, just make the symbol silver (the last color)
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