quick question about gear/character stats

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User Info: JIM12306

9 years ago#1
Is Ether Defense the only stat which transfers from the character to the gear?

By that i mean i have noticed that when i equip the Long Dark Coat or the Anti Ether Stone that bit of ether Defense adds to the Gears ether Defense stat.

But from what i can tell at least i can't seem to find any other equipment which raises a characters stat that effects the Gears stats as well.

But at one point i though ether did as well but then i just realized that my Elly's ether is quite a bit higher then her gear's ether she has 55 ether with an ether stone lg equipped (which i got from a random enemy drop) while her Gear still has 22 ether with an e circuit and a power magic.

So that much i was obviously wrong about. But I'm still wondering if there is another stat i am missing other then ether defense which carries over from character to gear?

User Info: Njolin

9 years ago#2
I'm not completely positive, but I think that Ether attack and evade stats also apply.

User Info: phiefer3

9 years ago#3
EP and ether defense are the only stats that transfer over direction to the gears.

Aside from that, there are a few other stats that transfer over partially (although these stats don't actually show up on the gears status screen).

Gear ether attack is equal to the gear's EtherAmp multiplied by the characters ether stat.
Gear accuracy IIRC, is equal to the gear's Response stat plus the character's accuracy (or hit% whatever it's called in this game).
Likewise, gear evasion is the gear's Response stat plus the character's evasion.

This is why response boosting accessories like magnetic coats (response +25) are so advocated, boost your response high enough and you don't have to worry about your gears' X attack missing and you'll evade just about anything that can be evaded.

User Info: Njolin

9 years ago#4
Response and Ether are the most useful gear stats, because they can be influenced by both character and gear items.

Response lets you use a character's own evade stat to add to his evade%, so with evasion rings, you can essentially devote up to 6 items towards that stat. Also, Bart's Wild Smile further increases the effects of enemy hit/evade, allowing you to make characters mostly untouchable.

And for ether, the use of character items can transform certain gears into offensive powerhouses. I'll let you figure out how to do that.
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