Rock Paper Scissors is harder than a boss battle.

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  3. Rock Paper Scissors is harder than a boss battle.

User Info: HaNg-MaN

9 years ago#1

5 in a row. are you serious? do i actually need the badge? at this rate it ain't happening!

User Info: Rodimus_Prime

9 years ago#2
It's just a matter of luck. Sometimes it takes forever and sometimes it's quick and painless. If you don't get it, you won't have the complete badge set that you can give to someone later in the game in exchange for some items. The thing is, the items you get aren't really anything special. Every time I've played this game, I got all the badges and got the items, but I never used them.
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User Info: HaNg-MaN

9 years ago#3
this is seriously beginning to be my most epic battle ever. not gonna progress any further till i win. if that means not beating this game then so be it. it's wasting my time right now.

User Info: Cosmic

9 years ago#4
Tell me about it. That's why I keep a save with that dude already defeated, in case I wanna play the game again (which I inevitably do, once a year, no matter what). I watch the opening for the hell of it and then load up the save.

He's not exactly an evil tactical genius, though. I've noticed that very often he just alternates between throwing what would have beaten you in the last throw and throwing exactly what you threw. It's of course not 100%, but try it and you may get lucky.
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User Info: carfoGAMEFAQ

9 years ago#5
lol it can be pretty annoying, but if you really want i have a save file in lahan village right after being rock paper scissors i could upload for u
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User Info: Njolin

9 years ago#6
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

User Info: fidormula

9 years ago#7
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User Info: Yannizzle

9 years ago#8
In my opinion, this is for completionists only. The two items you receive for collecting all three badges can be bought for fairly cheap prices a small time later in the game. There are multiple times you have the option to 'waste time' for items in Xenogears, and pretty much every other example is time better spent than on that stupid badge.

User Info: FULLMETAL1985

9 years ago#9
I can never get through the game till i beat that guy just something about him that makes me refuse to lose to him lol
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User Info: Duke Darkwood

Duke Darkwood
9 years ago#10
Consider that, as long as you win more than you lose, you're still turning a profit. If you get 4 in a row, then lose, yes, it's frustrating that you have to start from scratch, but you made a net gain of 150 G.

It takes the edge off of losing, looked at that way.
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  3. Rock Paper Scissors is harder than a boss battle.

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