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User Info: SBAllen

9 years ago#1
This FAQ is designed to answer some of the more frequent questions we get at MBH that are not covered by the Terms of Use, the Message Board Announcements board, the Daily Grind board, or the GameFAQs Help Files:
Before posting a question on this board, please check the aforementioned resources to ensure that your question is not answered there.

Still have unanswered questions? Well, this might be the place for you to ask it, then. However, before posting on Message Board Help, please read everything in this topic to ensure that your question isn't answered here either. The GameFAQs moderation team will delete questions that are clearly answered here or in any of the aforementioned places.

This topic will be locked to ensure that only official information (info posted by an admin or moderator) is posted here. Please be sure to read all new posts as this will be a "living" document of rules and FAQs for the board.

General MBH FAQs:

Question #1: How do I change my signature/post settings/time zone/etc?

Answer: At the top right part of the screen you should see a link titled "Manage Account." Most of these questions can be answered by adjusting the settings found within this link.

Question #2: Ok, I changed my settings, but nothing happened!

Answer: There is a brief delay (around 10 minutes) before your new settings kick in. Just be patient.

Question #3: I know of a violation, I marked it, and it’s still up. What do I do now? Can I post here about it?

Answer: First of all, keep in mind that just because you believe that something violates the Terms of Use does not necessarily mean that it does. Thus, the moderator who reviewed it may not have agreed that it was a violation of the rules. Also, it may still be pending review if you marked it recently. Coming here to expedite the process of deleting a message by creating a topic about it is not tolerated.

If you are unsure as to whether something actually violates the rules, you shouldn't have marked the message in the first place. In this case, you should've come to the board to ask about whether or not the type of message is allowed (without linking to it or naming names, just by describing the type of message that it was). Keep in mind that posting patently offensive material, censor bypasses, or anything else that definitely violates the Terms of Use will get you moderated, so choose your examples carefully.

Question #4: Why is the Moderator for our board doing such-and-such? Can our board get a new Moderator?

Answer: No, there are no specific moderators assigned to any board. While a few moderators may keep a closer eye on specific boards that they frequent over others, moderators are not assigned to act only on marks made from one board.

Question #5: I found a board without any topics in it. Can I use it for a "secret board", or claim it for myself?

Answer: If you attempt to create a new topic in a game board and it begins, "This game board is exclusively for the discussion of this particular game," you can NOT use the board for off-topic posting no matter how old the system is. If you see no topicality warning, you can post there if you please. However, remember that this is not YOUR "secret board" and anyone with a GameFAQs account can post there. Don't come here complaining that your board was invaded when it's open to the public.

Question #6: Okay, well are there actually "secret" or "private" boards then? If so, can I have one?

Answer: There are currently a small number of private boards that only members can access and post in. As of this time, it is still being determined how a user can earn their own private board. When it has been determined, an announcement will be made.

Question #7: I feel that I was unfairly moderated! Can I post a question here for clarification?

Answer: No. There is absolutely no reason for users to come to this board and create a topic about their moderations. With the three tiered moderation contest system, you have three chances to get all of the clarifications and comments that you need, including the chance for a message from both a lead moderator and an administrator. If you are unable to contest or appeal because of failed appeals on your account, then that is your fault. You cannot come here as an alternative. Any topics made here about a moderation will be deleted as off-topic, even messages asking why you were suspended on another account.

Question #8: I created a new account and it got set to Level 1: Read Only. Why?

Answer: In most cases, this happens because your Internet Service Provider is in bad standing with GameFAQs (not necessarily your fault) or because you've been recently banned (definitely your fault). If you feel that this was incorrect, you can use the form below to attempt to upgrade your account:

Question #9: How come when I attempt to post my message the system states that I have a banned word in my post? I don't see a banned word anywhere!

Answer: Sometimes when you end a line with one word and start a new line with another word, the parser will pick up a banned word. Here's an example (assuming "gris" is a banned word):

This is feeling
risky and dangerous

Note how the "g" from "feeling" and the "ris" from "risky" combine to make the banned word? The easiest solutions to this problem are either to change a word, change the line break, or add a blankspace character at the end of the first line.

Question #10: Why is my account still Warned/Provisional/etc after the allotted time has passed?

Answer: The update to your account status doesn't happen instantaneously. This only happens once per day at roughly 7pm pst. Additionally, the number 0 isn't considered a positive number, so for an update that requires X days of positive karma, be sure to note that it might take one day longer than you think.

Question #11: What is this "purge" thing I've heard about?

Answer: The purge is basically an automated process where the boards clean themselves up, removing old topics and things of that nature. The purge runs at about 3am pst. While this process used to take over 30 minutes and bogged down the board performance significantly, the process now runs in under 5 minutes and is basically undetectable now.

Question #12: I've noticed sticky topics on this board and other gaming boards. Is it possible for me to get one of my own topics stickied or another really useful topic on a gaming board? How about getting a sticky removed? Is that possible?

Answer: To request for a topic to be stickied, your account must be at least level 31. If your account is high enough, you can click on the Message Detail link in the first post of the topic and you will see a button for recommending the topic as a sticky. There is also a place to give an explanation as to why you believe the topic is worthy of a sticky. After enough users recommend the topic, a lead moderator or administrator will look at the topic and decide whether or not to sticky it. The process is the exact same for unstickying a topic using the Message Detail link in the first post of the stickied topic. For more information about the sticky system and how it works, please see the topic about the sticky system on Message Board Announcements.

Question #13: I heard you can ignore users. Can you tell me more about this? How can I remove someone from my ignore list?

Answer: Yes. If your account is at least level 31 you can ignore a user that you do not wish to interact with. To do so, go to any of their posts and click on the Message Detail link. On this page you will see a button to click to ignore a user. Once you ignore a user, you will not see any of their posts at all, nor will you see any topic created by them outside of a sticky. If you wish to remove someone from the ignore list, you can click the Message Detail link on any post and above the button to ignore that user you will see a link to the Ignore List. From there you can manage who is on the list. If you cannot find the link, it is provided below:

You can ignore up to 50 users at a time. Please note that it is impossible to ignore yourself, any member of the moderation staff, or an administrator. These should all be for obvious reasons.

Question #14: Is it possible to search through a given board for a particular keyword in a topic title?

Answer: Yes. You will see a search bar at the bottom of the page for a given board as long as you are logged in and can normally access that board.

Question #15: Help! One of the ads on the site is giving me problems! What can I do?

Answer: If you find an ad that is either offensive or somehow disrupts the browsing of the site, there is a feedback form provided below. You should NOT be complaining just because you don't like ads in general, or don't like a particular game or other item being advertised.

Question #16: How do I close my account?


Question #17: Where should I go to ask questions about contributing to the site or about my current contributions?


Question #18: How do I get in touch with GameFAQs about various Contributor Issues, Login/Account Issues, or Message Board Issues not covered above?


Question #19 Why are 10 w's or @'s in a row banned words?

Answer: Many things added to the filter of the site probably don't make sense to the average user. More often than not, it's to prevent spamming, either of a URL or of GameFAQs itself. In the case of the 10 w's and @'s, users were using these to force browsers to scroll horizontally.

Question #20: What can I do to improve my chances of getting a useful answer on this board?

Answer: Be polite, describe your problem clearly, and use a descriptive topic title. A topic title such as "I'm having trouble updating my email address" is more useful than "Help site broken".

Question #21: How do I defeat the 3rd boss in....

Answer: Message Board Help is meant for questions about the forums only. We have specific boards for every game known to GameFAQs. To find the one you need, put the name of the game in the "Search By Title" box near the top of the page and click Go or press Enter. Then find the right title in the list you get and click on the 'Board' link next to it to get to that game's board. Once there, you may want to click 'Add to favorites' so you can find the board more easily in the future.

Moderation FAQs:

Question #22: Why was I moderated? My moderation doesn't match any of the listed examples for the category!

Answer: Those are just that, examples. Most of the lists also have the nifty "This includes, but is not limited to:" part that everyone likes to ignore when they quote the list. Even if it isn't there, you should assume that the lists aren't comprehensive.

Question #23: Why was I moderated when I came here reporting a violation? Why was I moderated when I came here telling the moderators to go clean up a specific board?

Answer: As described earlier in this sticky, this board is not for reporting violations. This board is not for pointing moderators to go "clean up" another board. If you want a board cleaned up, or if you want to report a violation, please just mark it using the "Message Detail" button. This will flag the message(s) to be reviewed by the moderation team and appropriate action will be taken.

Question #24: I was moderated for a joke! Why? I was just joking!

Answer: While you’re free to play around with your friends, a violation in the form of a joke is still a violation. If we allowed all jokes to be exempt from the rules, suddenly we would have hundreds of people breaking the rules and then claim it was "just a joke" to try and get out of the consequences. So please be careful when goofing around with friends; if you call your buddy "stupid," it may be a joke and your buddy may not mind, but it’s still a flame and will be deleted regardless.

Question #25: Why do you keep closing/deleting my topics here? I demand to be heard!

Answer: Topics will be closed once your inquiry has been answered. Further topics about the matter will be either deleted or closed. Just because you don't like a particular answer you were given doesn't mean you can continue to make topics about the matter. Doing so is a quick way to get your account warned or suspended.

Question #26: Why was I moderated for having a referral URL in my sig? The ToU states that I can have a URL in my sig!

Answer: "Referral" URLs (those that use a click-thru system where the user benefits when people visit the URL through him/her) are NOT ALLOWED anywhere on the site, whether it is a sig or elsewhere.

Question #27: Why was I moderated for writing the first/last letter of a banned word combined with the stars? The ToS states that "****ing" and "****ed" are okay.

Answer: With "****ing" and "****ed", the actual banned word is completely starred out. Last time I checked, "-ing" endings to a word weren't offensive. However, using "gris" as a fake offensive word, you CANNOT post "***s" in the same manner that you could post "****ed".

Question #28: Why was I moderated for posting my email address / AIM screen name / etc? Email addresses aren't illegal / offensive now, are they?

Answer: If you posted your email address in a topic where someone is discussing something offensive or illegal (be it porn, illegal mp3s, etc), this is the same as asking on the board for the person to send them directly to you. This is still illegal. Quit trying to be clever.

Question #29: Why was I moderated for quoting someone? That isn't Disruptive Posting!

Answer: You participated in what is known as "chain posting". Chain Posting is an annoying fad where a user quotes a previous user by copying their entire message, complete with header, and then pastes it without any content being added. This leads to people continuing the fad until posts have 15+ names all saying the same thing with no added content. Whether you were the first person to do it or the last, you'll be moderated.

Question #30: Why was I modded for Disruptive Posting for my sig? It seems okay to me!

Answer: GameFAQs has very specific signature standards that everyone must comply to. The system is designed in a way that you cannot actually create a sig that violates these guidelines. There are certain methods that some users use to create a signature outside of the GameFAQs specifications, in particular a Firefox plugin called GameFOX. Using a plugin or manually changing your signature divider to anything other than "---" can result in moderation. Using a plugin or manually changing your signature to be outside of the length specified by GameFAQs during the signature creation can result in moderation. Don't do it.

Question #31: Why was I moderated for flaming myself?!

Answer: Most of the time it isn't clear that you are flaming yourself, especially if you are flaming alternate accounts. Despite the ToU currently having "others" in the description of flaming, you can and will be moderated even for flaming yourself. Even if it's obvious that you're flaming yourself, this will still result in a moderation.

Question #32: Why was I moderated for posting "Your moderation notice has been accepted. Thank you for making the GameFAQs message boards a better place!" after marking someone for moderation?

Answer: Because this is trolling. There's absolutely no reason for you to tell someone that you marked them. This is just provoking them to flame you, which is by definition trolling. Just mark their message and move on.

Question #33: Why was my post deleted on MBH? It was about (insert problem here)!

Answer: Because you made the 18th topic about it, that's why. If something on the site breaks, there is no need to flood MBH with multiple topics about it. Keep it all in one topic so the board isn't cluttered.

Question #34: Why was my post deleted as off-topic? It was about the game!

Answer: Most likely, it wasn't. When a game board becomes popular enough, a social board is created for organizational purposes. Topics directly associated with playing the game such as the plot or the experience or general questions belong on the general board. Any loosely related "game" topics designed for entertainment but not streamlined toward the actual play belong on the social board. Examples of "game" topics include tournaments, RPGs, pass-along stories, fan fictions, hurt and heal, quizzes, and anything along these lines.

Question #35: I was moderated by an abusive moderator! I was insulted by a moderator in a contest reply!

Answer: No, there is no "moderator abuse" here. More likely than not, you were probably moderated by more than one moderator. Moderators have better things to do than "abuse" people here. As for contest replies, if you insult the moderator first then you shouldn't be complaining at their reply. Contesting obvious moderations is also a quick way to waste a moderator's time, so don't do that either. If you still feel like you are somehow being "abused", you can contact a Lead Moderator or Admin and let them know. If it is necessary to take action then it will be done. Don't expect any type of reply though.
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User Info: SBAllen

9 years ago#2
Question #36: Why was I moderated for speaking in a foreign language?

Answer: The GameFAQs message boards are generally for people who speak English so posting in other languages on most boards is disruptive. There are places where foreign languages are okay, such as the various world boards. Keep in mind that violating the other rules of the site in aforeign language is still not allowed, nor is cursing in a foreign language.

Question #37: I/my friend/etc was banned! This isn't right! I need to contact an administrator!

Answer: Administrators are the only people who can ban accounts, therefore they have already seen whatever got you suspended and decided to ban your account. As for why you were banned, see this link for more information:

Misc FAQs:

Question #38: I saw a FAQ/review earlier today that had a star beside it. What does that mean?

Answer: When you are viewing a FAQ or a review, you should see the option to recommend this contribution. The FAQs and the reviews that rank in the top 2% in overall recommendations will have a star beside them. These stars might come and go as other contributions gain more recommendations. FAQ/Review of the Month winners will always have a star beside them.

Question #39: What's this GameFOX thing? Should I get it? Will I be punished for using it?

Answer: GameFOX is a Firefox plugin created by and developed by various different GameFAQs users as a way to "enhance" the browsing experience of the site. This plugin is in no way, shape, or form endorsed by GameFAQs and it will allow you to do things that violate the Terms of Use of the site (see question #30 above). Also bear in mind that as this plugin is created and edited by multiple users, your version that you download might have malicious programming built into it that could be used to hijack your account by keylogging your password. Use this and any other plugins at your own risk, as any moderations, bannings, or account hijackings related to the usage of GameFOX cannot be reversed.

Question #40: What's LUE? LUEshi? saLUEtes?

Answer: Life, the Universe, and Everything board. It's a private board that no longer accepts new members. It will never be reopened for new users, so don't ask. Any term you see with "LUE" in it (like LUEshi, saLUEtes, etc) is an LUE-related fad. That's all you need to know about them.

Question #41: What's a rickroll?

Answer: Rickrolling, and its many variants, are an annoying fad where someone will claim they are linking to something new and interesting to a particular board's interests but instead links to a youtube link or another link to a "popular" song from the 80s by Rick Astley (thus the name). Posting a rickroll will get you moderated. Posting the popular "moving" rickroll will get you a minimum of a 30 day suspension from the site and a maximum of a loss of all of your accounts. This is the same for any other rickroll variants like the original duckroll or anything of the like.

Question #42: What does <insert term here> mean?

Answer: If you are not aware of what an acronym or word used by another user means, you should research the word yourself. 95% of the time, google will give you the answer you seek.
Um, not to criticize science or anything, but wouldn't it be easier just to call it "the pink one"?

User Info: SineNomine

9 years ago#3
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

User Info: ruyeyama

9 years ago#4
Question #43: Why does every Feedback link in this topic redirect me to the Feedback home page, instead of to the specific Feedback page I want?

Answer: The Feedback system was recently updated, but the links in this topic were not. =)

To get to the proper page, just change "new.html" to "index.php":

Contributor page 397 is: ruyeyama
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User Info: SineNomine

9 years ago#5
Sigs, Pre-Sigs and Sig Dividers.

Signatures: Max 2 lines, 160 characters total. If you use GameFOX to insert your signature automatically or manually type it into every post, be certain if falls within these rules. Anything longer than two lines and/or one hundred and sixty characters is subject to moderation.

Pre-Sigs: No pre-sigs are allowed.

Sig Dividers: The default --- is the only acceptable sig divider. It has been the only acceptable one for a long time.

There is no need to create additional topics asking what is and is not allowed on this board. Any such topics will be moderated.
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