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Caption This! - July 2012

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User Info: DDJ

5 years ago#1
After six months of testing your video game knowledge, it's time to move on to testing your video game-related creativity. Below are four gaming screenshots in the GameFAQs database. Your goal is to give them a funny caption. Doesn't have to be anything to do with the game itself, just something funny and fitting. To enter, post your captions in this topic.

Each picture will receive two winning captions, and the person who submits each caption will receive 10 karma. In addition to those eight winners, two additional winners will be chosen from any of the photos' submitted captions, and those submitters will receive another 10 karma. That's 100 karma total, with one individual receiving a maximum of 40 karma.

Important! Please submit your captions using the following format:

Picture #1: "Your caption goes here in quotes."
Picture #2: "Your next caption goes here."

I cannot guarantee your entries will be considered if they are not in this format. You don't have to submit captions for all four photos, and you can split your entries up into more than one post if you'd like. It also doesn't matter if you have text before or after those lines -- all that matters is that your suggested captions each appear on their own line, with "Picture #" and the picture number in front. I'll try to go through the thread and fix malformed entries, but I could easily miss some.

You're limited to one suggested caption per screenshot. If you want to change the caption you've already posted, delete your original post and repost it or edit the original post. Please censor all spoilers properly, and if the spoiler is for a different game than the one in the picture, note that as well.

The deadline for entry will be in two weeks, on Saturday, July 14th at 11:59PM EDT. Results will be posted one week later.

With that, here are the photos to caption:

Picture #1:
Picture #2:
Picture #3:
Picture #4:

Good luck!
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User Info: DDJ

5 years ago#2
I'll get us started with a sample entry. See, this text right here doesn't matter. All that matters is that the captions are each on their own line, and start with the Picture label, like this:

Picture #2: "Who do you think you are, Carol Burnett? You think she did it so it's all right for you? You haven't earned what she's earned!"
Picture #4: "Link is introduced to the Big Barrel of Horrifying Internet Memes."

And those are my captions. This text doesn't matter either. Notice also I didn't post captions for all four photos -- you can post for as few or as many as you like.

The captions in this post would be pulled out automatically by my handy dandy parsing program to be put for a vote to the moderators. Woo!
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User Info: Pro7o

5 years ago#3
Picture #4: "What happens when you fall asleep at a party in Hyrule..."
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User Info: RedHairVegeta

5 years ago#4
I can't help but feel that responses should be PM'd as opposed to publicly available for everyone to draw inspiration from. That sort of makes it unfair for earlier responders.

Anyway, I'll post my captions later.
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User Info: Lokarin

5 years ago#5
Picture #1: "Lockjaw sufferers unite for Mists of Pandaria launch date"
Picture #2: "Hold on, gimme a minute here; My gauntlet has snagged on your piercings."
Picture #3: "New Item Crafted! Empty Nest Hat (Level 8 Timesink)"
Picture #4: "Nicolas Cage's Career"
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User Info: CrimsonGear80

5 years ago#6
Picture#2 : Don't ever play Punch Buggy with Batman
Picture#3 : And at that moment, The birds realized how much depth their games actually have
Picture#4: Cocain is a hell of a drug....
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User Info: Eesgooshee

5 years ago#7
Picture #1: "And all this time, I thought Panda Express was a restaurant."
Picture #2: "Batman punishes another Myspace user for abusing Duckface."
Picture #3: "While they were all shocked at the theft of the eggs, the yellow bird was the only one who suspected the rogue punctuation marks that had been hanging around lately."
Picture #4: "At that moment, Link realized that he was most likely misinterpreting the Star Fox meme, and that doing so would have disastrous consequences." - a collaborative site examining video games as art

User Info: Kratos15354

5 years ago#8
Picture #1: "Coming this spring, Grand Theft Panda!"
Picture #2: "Even with eyes in the back of his head, Prune Face never saw it coming."
Picture #3: "Empty nest syndrome strikes again."
Picture #4: "Note to self: don't ask Tetra about her booty again."
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User Info: Peridot_Heart

5 years ago#9
Picture #1: "They decided to try something harder to bear in the Benny Hill chase sequence."

Picture #4: "Link was less than impressed with his costume for the Donkey Kong themed party."

User Info: billybobfred

5 years ago#10
Picture #1: ... I meant, to each other.
Picture #3: It was at this point that the Angry Birds realized they were all male.
Picture #4: I'm sorry! I'll never harvest your barrels for their delicious rupees again!
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