December 2012: Holiday Song Parodies

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User Info: DDJ

4 years ago#1
This month, we'll be going the old fashioned route. There's lots of Christmas carols and other holiday songs out there. Your task is to parody one of these with a video game tilt.

You could write Yoshi the Red-Tongued Dinosaur, Ancients We Have Heard On High, Altair Is Coming To Town, or anything else that comes to mind. Then, the moderation staff will vote on the entries, and the top six will win karma. One 50 karma grand prize will be awarded, as well as five 10 karma runner-up prizes.

To make it easier on us in collecting your entries, post your entry or some other text-sharing site. Then, enter by pasting your link to your entry. That will help us stay organized in voting.

Important! Please submit your captions using the following format:


I cannot guarantee your entries will be considered if they are not in this format. You can include other text in the post, so long as the above text appears on its own line somewhere in your entry.

The deadline for entry will be in two weeks, on Friday, December 14th at 11:59PM EST. Results will be posted one week later.

1. Joint entries are permitted. If you and another user (or two, or three) want to work together on an entry and split the prize if you win, that's fine -- just make sure that all entrants' usernames are included in the entry post. Also, after the entry is posted, it'd be helpful if all the entrants would post to confirm they're a part of the entry.

2. Maximum two entries per user, but only one winning entry per user. If you enter twice and both qualify for prizes, your higher-place entry will receive the prize karma, and lower-placed entries will be bumped up. If one (or both) of your entries is part of a joint entry, you can only receive karma for one entry, but the others in the joint entry may still receive karma.

3. All work must be original. Of course, if you've written a video game-themed parody in the past, you can use it.

4. The Terms of Service still apply -- don't post any entries that violate any of the normal terms of service.

5. Mark your spoilers. If your entry somehow spoils some game, note before the link to the entry what game is being spoiled.

6. To change your entry, delete your original post. I won't be compiling a list of entries until the deadline passes, so as long as your post is visible at the deadline, it'll be added.

Good luck! a multi-author critical gaming site
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User Info: RedHairVegeta

4 years ago#2
I just wanna point out that December 14 is a Friday, not a Monday...
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User Info: DDJ

4 years ago#3
Woops, thanks. Second time I've looked at the wrong month on these. - Game reviews, articles, guides, lists, and more.
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User Info: Whammychip

4 years ago#4
Usually I wouldn't enter this kind of contest, but coming off of the T-Shirt design contest, I'm feelin' lucky.

I present to you "We Three Cores" (to the tune of "We Three Kings")

Warning: Major Portal 2 spoilers be here. Granted, they're of the "It Was His Sled" variety, but still!

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User Info: Nemesis347

4 years ago#5
Will give this one a try

User Info: _0blivion_

4 years ago#6
yeh, i won't be entering as i don't know how the voting works

User Info: Laytonman

4 years ago#7
maybe i'll do one about Waluigi to the tune of "Carol of the bells."
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User Info: DDCecil

4 years ago#8
I won't be entering, but remember this from last year?

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User Info: AuFox80

4 years ago#9
I decided to do a "Santa Claus is coming to town" parody called "Foxhound is coming to town"

Metal Gear Solid 1 Spoilers

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