February 2013: Results

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User Info: DDJ

4 years ago#1
Here are the results of February's Screenshot Scramble contest. In this contest, you were asked to name each of the games that appeared in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V5nL8NJwvUE

The Top 10 highest-scoring users were:

1. the_rowan -- 33.5 points on 21 correct answers (plus 1 correct series) -- Wins 50 karma!
2. ssj4warrior -- 30.5 points on 17 correct answers (plus 3 correct series) -- Wins 25 karma!
3. Megaman703 -- 30.5 points on 20 correct answers (plus 1 correct series) -- Wins 15 karma!
4. slartifer -- 30 points on 19 correct answers (plus 2 correct series) -- Wins 5 karma!
5. Hyper Inferno -- 24.5 points on 13 correct answers (plus 3 correct series) -- Wins 5 karma!
6. NewerShadow -- 24.5 points on 18 correct answers (plus 1 correct series)
7. Ratchet12345 -- 23 points on 17 correct answers
8. hotdogturtle -- 23 points on 14 correct answers (plus 2 correct series)
9. kaiserzero61 -- 22.5 points on 18 correct answers (plus 1 correct series)
10. Dark RPG Wizard 06 -- 22.5 points on 15 correct answers (plus 3 correct series)

Congratulations to the winners! You'll receive your karma prizes before long. The average score was 17.54, while the median score was 17. The average number of correct guesses was 13, while the median was 13.

For an answer key, I've compiled it into a video to show the unscrambled screenshot alongside the scrambled one. Here it is: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y4PLnoyxiro

The statistics for the contest are as follows, sorted by placement in the video rather than most commonly-guessed:

1. Final Fantasy X-2: 46% / 27% / 1
2. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim: 95% / 0% / 1
3. Super Mario RPG: 95% / 5% / 1
4. Baten Kaitos: 27% / 0% / 3
5. Limbo: 86% / 0% / 1
6. World of Warcraft: 92% / 0% / 1
7. Ni No Kuni: 76% / 0% / 1
8. Flow Free: 68% / 3% / 1
9. Operation Neptune: 59% / 3% / 1
10. Civilization V: 68% / 14% / 1
11. SkiFree: 76% / 0% / 1
12. Super Mario Land: 78% / 5% / 1
13. Angry Birds Seasons: 8% / 68% / 5
14. Mario Kart 64: 76% / 11% / 1
15. Portal: 46% / 35% / 1
16. Pokemon RBY: 41% / 5% / 1
17. Okami: 22% / 0% / 3
18. Terraria: 59% / 0% / 1
19. Mirror's Edge: 14% / 0% / 5
20. SimCity 2000: 54% / 27% / 1
21. Solitaire: 51% / 3% / 1
22. Call of Duty: Black Ops II: 0% / 0% / NA
23. Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!!: 24% / 0% / 3
24. Wario Land II: 0% / 0% / NA
25. Final Fantasy VII: 3% / 0% / 9

There was a rationale to the selected scrambles. Some were chosen because of a distinguishing feature in one of the slices, like the Aperture logo for Portal, the heart meter for Terraria, or the star walls for Mario Kart 64. Others were chosen because the relevant portions of the game are small enough to be recognized in small slices, like SimCity 2000 and Civilization V. Others were chosen because the game had a distinct color scheme that could be discerned with small slices, like Mirror's Edge and Okami. Similarly, others were chosen because a large part of the screen is always taken by a single color, like SkiFree, Solitaire, and Punch-Out!!. Lastly, some were chosen just to see how impressive y'all could be -- mostly #22, #24, and #25.

Congratulations to ssj4warrior for being the only person to get #25 (I'm guessing by the prevalence of that distinctive teal color). Note that the low score for Angry Birds Seasons came because barely anyone specified 'Seasons' -- most people just put 'Angry Birds'. However, Angry Birds Seasons is a standalone game, and only Seasons features the cherry blossoms in the background.

I'm planning on doing other similar (though not identical) contests in the future, so feel free to give your thoughts below.
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User Info: NewerShadow

4 years ago#2
So close, but it was fun trying to reverse-engineer these so I think it's still worth it. Thanks for taking the time to put it together!

There's not too much you can do on these if you didn't recognize some part of the image, really. Being able to rearrange text was probably the most interesting part and definitely the part I felt was most interesting, and maybe looking through sprites for some of the older games (though I can't believe I ruled out Punch-Out).

Also for future competitions, I'll have to remember to guess the latest title in a series for those that I'm totally stumped on, nearly got 22 on a fluke guess that way.
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User Info: Lokarin

4 years ago#3
I didn't score very high, but I like that there wasn't a 25/25 this month. Good pictures.
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Well, I'm an idiot. I had guessed Baten Kaitos when I first watched the video, and for some reason decided "that can't be it!" and left it blank. Go me! (Same with Pokemon)

I'm impressed with the divide between the top 4 and the rest of us.

Also, go me for going "It can't be Angry Birds, maybe it's Bad Piggies?"

It was an interesting contest, but I am glad we're not doing more of these scrambled images specifically. SSJ4Warrior is a champ for managing to get FF7.

Anyway, back to the more trivia side of the contests! Woo! (I like the creative ones, but I have neither time nor talent for them. I'm glad that you do them, but I'm glad you do these too.)
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User Info: -hotdogturtle--

4 years ago#5
Wow, I'm an idiot. I was literally going to guess Black Ops 2 for #22 because "it's all brown, haha what a joke". Then at the last minute I saw that yellow font, and it didn't seem like a style that would be used in a CoD game (of course I have never played the game). I ended up leaving it blank because of that.
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User Info: slartifer

4 years ago#6
Man, this was an awesome contest. Also a lot of work and frustrating at times, but the "OH CRAP" moments when you suddenly realize an answer ("if I switch these pieces, I'm not unscrambling a blob, I'm unscrambling Professor Oak!") are great. Also it's nice to see some "well, maybe" guesses pay off.

#22 had been killing me. I pieced together the letters and numbers, figured it was an FPS, and started looking through screenshots... but the font looked old to me, too, so I never got close to Black Ops 2. Instead I tried puzzle games, given the apparent "out of" display, and went with a Lemmings variant. Whoops :)

Looks like a lot of people put a lot of time into this -- congrats everyone!

User Info: DaPatman

4 years ago#7
Argh! I got World of Warcraft, but put it as the answer to 7 by mistake!

Still, by my count I got 10 points, and I'll happily take any score in double figures.
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User Info: DreamwaIker

4 years ago#8
Hmm.. didn't do quite as well as I thought I did. I had thought I had 16 correct when I submitted, but ended up with the "wrong series" for some. And then everything I got was a 1-pointer. As for Baten Kaitos, it had large enough pieces that I actually unscrambled the entire thing by hand but then I still couldn't get it. Also, I could've scored major points on Black Ops if only I had played that game, since I got that "Target" text but couldn't for the life of me figure out what game had target text like that. For Portal, the first thing I thought of was that final room of the original, but then I looked at the Portal sight thingy, and I wondered if the position of the blue and orange colors in the little circle determined whether it was the original or sequel, and the screenshots I found fooled me into thinking the original had the colors reversed -- in retrospect, that was kind of stupid, since the positions of the colors correspond to left and right clicking, so of course the blue would always be on the left and the orange on the right.

I'm curious what my score is though. 15.5? I guess that would put me pretty far down the list. I had fun anyway, but I was hoping to at least be above average. =P Oh well. There may have been less participation due to it being more complicated, and with only the more dedicated participating, I suppose it was a little harder to get into that top half. I'd guess I'm probably around #22 of 40 or something like that.

User Info: Hyper Inferno

Hyper Inferno
4 years ago#9
I'm pretty happy about getting Mirror's Edge and Okami, but I'm kicking myself for missing Mario Land, Wario, and Operation Neptune.
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User Info: ssj4warrior

4 years ago#10
Second? Man I'm gutted, I thought I had this one in the bag. Normally I do ok-ish, but I was like "Woah, I know quite a lot!" but alas, twas not to be. Congratulations to the_rowan! =D

DetroitDJ posted...
Congratulations to ssj4warrior for being the only person to get #25 (I'm guessing by the prevalence of that distinctive teal color).

Yep, it screamed "Final Fantasy 7 meteor logo" as soon as I saw it. I was second guessing myself, as I always picture it with a white background (the game case). Couldn't think of an alternative answer, so I went for it.

I thoroughly enjoyed this contest, and had to research some of these to get the answers. Solitaire is a very clever and evil choice DDJ. More like these so I can win some karma =D
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