July 2013: Your Twitter Pitch

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User Info: DDJ

4 years ago#1
For the month of July, we'll be returning to a creative contest, albeit one with a much lower barrier to entry. No artistic skills, not fancy software, and no massive time investment involved here: just your cleverness, constrained only by the character count.

Your goal for this month is to pitch a video game concept. The catch: you may only use up to 140 characters. That includes spaces, punctuation, and everything else; no linebreaks allowed. In that 140 characters, you need to give us the title, genre, story, gameplay, and whatever else you think adds to your pitch.

For reference, this sentence that you're reading is a lengthy 140 characters; not an insurmountable restriction, but not an easy one either.

To enter, simply write your entry in your post using the form shown below.

Entries will be voted on by the moderators. The winner will receive 25 karma, and three to five runner-ups will split an additional 75 karma. This time as well, two randomly-selected entrants whose entries receive at least one vote (but who do not otherwise win a karma prize) will be selected to win 10 bonus karma.

Important! Please submit your pitches using the following format:

Entry: [the text of your entry goes here]

I cannot guarantee your entries will be considered if they are not in this exact format. You can include other text in the post, so long as the above text appears on its own line somewhere in your entry.

The deadline for entry will be in two weeks, on Monday, July 15th at 11:59PM EST.

1. Maximum two entries per user, but only one winning entry per user. If you enter twice and both qualify for prizes, your higher-place entry will receive the prize karma, and lower-placed entries will be bumped up.

2. The Terms of Service still apply -- don't post any entries that violate any of the Terms of Service. This includes marking spoilers if your entry contains any.

3. To change your entry, delete your original post. I won't be compiling a list of entries until the deadline passes, so as long as your post is visible at the deadline, it'll be added.

Good luck!
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User Info: DDJ

4 years ago#2
This is a sample entry to demonstrate how entries should look. Again, if your entry doesn't look exactly like this, it might not get processed:

Entry: An action-adventure game about a guy who does a thing with some stuff and ultimately saves the world. Title: A Guy who Does a Thing.
www.DDJGames.com - Game reviews, articles, guides, lists, and more.
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User Info: LordOfDabu

4 years ago#4
Entry: Think fast; type faster. Showcase your typing skills as the world's attacked by the most evil woman of all in "The return of Mavis Beacon"
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User Info: Omega720

4 years ago#5
Entry: You collect parts for guns/transport on a 3D island to survive and escape alive. FPS, Survival, Adventure, Puzzle. Title: Guns on an Island
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User Info: Luigi and Tails

Luigi and Tails
4 years ago#6
Entry: “A Mother’s Love” – you witness the kidnapping of your mother. With no help, you’re forced to rely on human instinct to find your mother.
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User Info: BlueCrystalTear

4 years ago#7
Entry: "Time Bender" - Bethesda-style RPG with customizable skills where you travel to many time periods, battling many kinds of monsters

Should be 140 exactly if you don't count the "Entry:" part.

User Info: misterbum

4 years ago#8
Entry: A lot of naked people doing what naked people do best - with motion control. What could possibly go wrong? Title: Wii Nudist Island

User Info: Lokarin

4 years ago#9
Entry: Real Estate agent lands in underworld decorates dungeons for resale. 2D Zelda style game influenced by animal crossing. ~Flippin' Hell

Entry: 100% beat that RPG and roguelikes just don't deliver? Twitterquest - The crowdsourced RPG. The very mood of the world is your adventure!
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User Info: MaxCHEATER64

4 years ago#10
Entry: "GameFLOPS" - You play as a not-so-innocent n00b who has to try to get banned from a backwater message board in the lowest time possible.

--136 Characters, including the punctuation but not the title/"entry". I assume those don't contribute.

Entry: "FLOPS DOS" - You play as a moderator on a backwater message board who has to vote on 140 character descriptions of games without pay!

--134 Characters.
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