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Read this before posting for all story and DVD/UMD questions (Spoilers aplenty)

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  3. Read this before posting for all story and DVD/UMD questions (Spoilers aplenty)
In the link for the Directors comentary and On the way to a SMile, i cant find them. The site doesnt seem to contain them at all (but then i'm known ot over look stuff).

Better directions or are they no longer there?
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User Info: exdeath202

10 years ago#72
in my version, the traslation is more like "who will get their share of cells"

User Info: sephiroth5086

10 years ago#73
Your version...versus the official translation...

I wonder which holds more weight...

Also...I may have overlooked this earlier...

They got cells from jenovas head, thats why jenova´s head is so important in the movie.

That makes absolutely no sense. Kadaj didn't even come into possession of Jenova's head until very late in the movie, after which point Cloud chases him down the highway. And then...after Kadaj and Cloud fight a little...Kadaj absorbs the Jenova cells himself. what point could the children have obtained Jenova cells from Jenova's head?
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User Info: VinCon01

10 years ago#74
in my version, the traslation is more like "who will get their share of cells"

Good for you. However, as said above, the official version is what matters. Not the fan-translation. Now if the fan translations were all we had, it would be a different story.

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User Info: leonid82

10 years ago#75
*There wouldn't be a part of his body that doesn't consist of Jenova cells.
Care to offer up some evidence? Because it seems to me that we're both just taking stabs at the dark here, as neither of us know the specifications of what Jenova's cells do to a human body.*

that's the best part of ff7 IMHO, all that genetic talk...
realising this is a very dead dog but if the ff7 frame of work is similiar to reality, it is perfectly conceivable that sephy was indeed mostly Jenova in DNA terms.

1.Consider that Jenova infected the cetra with a virus. which was probably like Geostigma. just that we never got to see what is the end result of geostigma

2. Jenova still survived and is alive after 2000 years of imprisonment. Maybe she is long-lived. I rather think this as evidence that she is virus-like in being on the border of living and non-living.

3. Virus reproduce by invading other cells and taking over the DNA. eg. ok this isn't a virus but its been 48 hours since i had sleep...there's this parasitic slug creature that invades tadpoles and turns them into frogs with too many legs in the wrong places. it did that by effectively hijacking cells and forcing them to differentiate into legs.

4. scientists nowadays create GM animals and plants by using a virus to inject DNA code into the developing embryo.. sephy would have been easy pickings for a super virus like Jenova.

5. close to 98 percent of our DNA is junk, or just filler DNA. It would not have harmed the fetus Sephy if Jenova inserted her DNA in between the junk. There are actual cases of fish having been genetically altered by parasites so that the fish would die if they didn't have the parasite!

there's probably more reasons, but i'll have to let the coffee kick in first.

Now if Hojo had been planning all along to create the perfect cetra by using a fetus, he could have been able to inject the Jenova cells or virus into Lucrecia at any point, including before the embryo was mature enough to be more then a few cells old...

In fact, it is my pet theory that Sephy was inplanted into Lucrecia like a testtube baby, so that Hojo could control the timing of the infection and be sure there was no rejection.

And if Sephy was mostly Jenova DNA, it would be easy for him to control Jenova who is just a mindless creature of mass destruction.

I realise that none of the above would hold water if the laws of nature were indeed different in ff7. however, there isn't any proof to the contrary and let's face it, the 'its just fantasy' deal is an insult to the intelligence and design of ff7's creators.

User Info: Sex_Kitty

10 years ago#76
I miss Ryu. ;-;
~Sex Kitty

User Info: cold_spirit7777

10 years ago#77
In FF7 Rufus was saved at meteor fall by the W.R.O. this can be seen at the beginning of "Dirge of Cerberus" when yuffie and vincent are at Midgar....

The W.R.O volunteers are putting his body in the back of the ambulance, I believe....

User Info: Demon65

10 years ago#78
Ever wonder what life would be like if China were named Vachina instead? GodZiddy

User Info: Death Sin

Death Sin
10 years ago#79
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

User Info: Death Sin

Death Sin
10 years ago#80
This is actually an excellent thread and definitely a good read... Thx for all the hard work compiling all of this info. *thumbs up*
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  3. Read this before posting for all story and DVD/UMD questions (Spoilers aplenty)

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