Once upon a time in Azeroth...

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User Info: Kiana Night

Kiana Night
3 years ago#1
There was a meek undead warlock named Seriandra.


She was new to everything, and everything in the world was fascinating to her, from dancing bipedal cows...


... far flying windriders that take their passengers on long scenic routes...


... being amazed at killing something one level above her... because she hadn't realized yet that warlocks cast spells and AREN'T required to smash things over the head with a stick...


... posing ominously in front of a full moon when night time actually existed...


...learning the warlock kit and forcing her enemies to work for her...


...and that warlocks are overpowered and didn't need a five man group to do five man quests and kill elites with dot and fear and drain tank tactics!


She was also pleasantly surprised to learn that as a warlock, she got free mount to summon while others had to pay for theirs and the skill to ride. Score!


Unfortunately it took a while before she learned that not all cloth gear is made for warlocks.


And then the demons came through the Dark Portal and invaded Azeroth again, attacking major cities and settlements. She witnessed an attack at Light's Hope Chapel.


It was time for Azeroth to fight back. They entered the Dark Portal and into Outland, the destroyed remnants of the orc homeworld of Draenor. Heavily occupied by demons.


She traversed the land, helping its denizens and fought against the demon hordes of Sargeras and had reached level 70!


She was now able to learn to ride and obtain a flying mount!


And she was now a raider!


The first stop, was to Karazhan, home to the late wizard Medivh, the last guardian of Tirisfal.


She did some exploring on the side during this time, and decided to trek to the hidden village of the Shatterspear trolls, nestled between Winterspring and Darkshore. Before it became a quest hub, there was only one way to reach it - from above.


Happy to have finally arrived, she took part in their festivities... then she realized it was boring 'cause they just danced. They weren't even neutral so she couldn't attack them. Just... dancing.


She also liked to tease the Cenarion Emissary in Orgrimmar and kited him halfway to the Crossroads.


Magtheridon's Lair and Gruul's Lair were next to be raided.


Seriandra had finally become exalted with the Timbermaw furbolgs. Pointless by this time, but done. The Warchief was now her homie, as were the little naked bear men.

Serpent Shrine Cavern was next to be defeated.


As was Tempest Keep.


Just leaving this here...


To Be Continued
Come with me and you'll be in a world of pure imagination...

User Info: Kiana Night

Kiana Night
3 years ago#2
Artwork improved slightly.


We were finally able to meet Zul'jin, but it is still a mystery why trolls like to build their giant temples and cities in watery, swampy areas.


Backtracking somewhat, Seri finally got her dreadsteed, maybe around 65. She proudly still carried around the summoning materials for the event in her bank to this day.


Then finally the Burning Crusade ends with us going back in time to the Battle of Mount Hyjal, ending the reign of Illidan Stormrage in the Black Temple, and restoring the Sunwell and preventing Kiljaeden from entering Azeroth through it. (apparently didn't take many screenshots at the time, so here's three more recent ones. Tandari decides to bring his [Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker] to play with Archimonde, proccing a very large tornado on him, Illidan Stormrage defeated in a gear farming run, and a purified Sunwell.




And then, while we were occupied on the Burning Crusade campaign, we were attacked from another front. The Lich King had made his move. Ziggurats invaded from the skies. Parcels from goblin trade settlements infected with the plague made its way around Azeroth, and even to Shattrath in Outland. People became infected, infected others, and became scourge. All scourge would become attackable by anyone, even their own faction, but in turn was able to attack back as well as communicate with any one else that was infected, regardless of their original faction. Only a paladin was able to cleanse people of it. Major cities became dangerous to travel in. It was brutal, it was deadly, and it was hilarious. We turned our attention to the Lich King. The Northrend campaign had begun.


That's it for now. Tired. Three more expansions left and many screenshots to rummage through, if I feel like doing this again. In the meantime, have another topic.
Come with me and you'll be in a world of pure imagination...

User Info: Kiana Night

Kiana Night
3 years ago#3
Within Temptation - Skyfall (Adele cover)

Action song, for when your actions needs action music, like mental character montage trailers or wiping to heroic Immerseus forever all night.
Come with me and you'll be in a world of pure imagination...

User Info: D4Y_omg

3 years ago#4

awww yeah, orc female dance

sick pvp

me and moggy riding to space

me and moggy killin dudes

same imp from moggy's first ss
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User Info: Kiana Night

Kiana Night
3 years ago#5
Lol Strange Flavor, that was so long ago.

I'm curious as to what prompted you to make a butt collage.

And I love my Paguri, he's been with me since the very beginning, and all my WoW friends hate him and spit on him over one incident in Blackrock Caverns. :< They all like Istapik the super imp though.
Come with me and you'll be in a world of pure imagination...

User Info: Blissenobiarella

3 years ago#6
idk anything about wow, but oh gosh that butts collage i love it

User Info: Kiana Night

Kiana Night
3 years ago#7

WoW dances. I still think male pandas should've had Gangnam Style. But they already had the shuffle dance done before it became popular. I think the female worgen dance is pretty good. At least you can sense the energy in it. Goblin female, too. Can't wait to see how well they translate the animations over to the new models. =)

Aaaand, might stream tomorrow's raid, just for funzies. Supposedly just going to do normal Protectors, Heroic Norushen, then back to normal for everything else. Which means less interesting mechanics/encounters, but more bosses dead. Still kind of gearing new people out, and I get to go on my shaman for most of them. So not really progression, and there will be fail.

My raid leader wants to try to do a raid alliance with another guild on the server for the next expansion, since Mythic raiding - the difficulty taking place of heroic today - is going to be locked to 20 people, no more, no less.. unless you're hardcore like that and want to 19 man it. We won't be joining guilds, just coming together for raids. We're gonna be doing a flex mode achievement run with them next thursday, to test the waters and see if we mesh well together, so I can stream that I suppose.

I should totally stream when me and Tandari plow through random heroic dungeons for jp/honor/money. It's hilarious.
Come with me and you'll be in a world of pure imagination...

User Info: The BlackMage

The BlackMage
3 years ago#8
Man I'm pretty jealous that I didn't get to experience Peak WoW during the Burning Crusade and Lich King days. That honestly seems like a lot of awesome stuff going on when it was big, new, and exciting. I had good fun with Vanilla but never got up to Raiding status, which would've been good times. My experience doing raid-like stuff in other games shows me that WoW raiding would've been pretty crazy stuff back in the day.

Although nothing really compares to EVE fleets in terms of sheer size and teamwork. But it's also a lot of sitting around sharing video links in fleet chat and listening to your FC drone on some stupid story that's supposed to be funny.
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User Info: Kiana Night

Kiana Night
3 years ago#9
Dont think i couldve done a 40 man very well. I started raiding in BC , which most people would say were the best raid tiers, but wrath brought in so many more people and probably the best raid, Ulduar. Those are my fondest raid memories.

Cataclysm started off pretty strong, giving us three raids off the bat, but got worse as it went. MOP... the raids arent bad. I love the expansion itself even though many dont think the Asian theme belongs in WoW. We were given two raids at the start and they brought world bosses back in. But theres something about the raiding scene nowadays that feels off. It could be just me finally getting weary and wanting to move on since ive been rsiding for 8 years. But the WoW community seems to have soured greatly. Its easy to blame LFR and LFD, as useful as they are.

Im not a hardcore raider, but not a casual raider. When i stream, youll notice that ill be in two vents, mainly because i dont talk to my guild, but thats because they rarely listen when i offer advice from my more hardcore friends thst are ahead of us. Plus, i can vent my frustration to my friends and they do the same, as they also stay in my vent for their raids.

Typos abound, posting from my phone at work. Need to munch now.
Come with me and you'll be in a world of pure imagination...

User Info: Kiana Night

Kiana Night
3 years ago#10
Well, I did want to stream today, but for some reason the stream is coming out really choppy, and I haven't changed settings since the last time. Maybe I need to switch to Twitch.
Come with me and you'll be in a world of pure imagination...
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