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I've FINALLY finished the Clannad VN. Here's my thoughts and ratings *SPOILERS*

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User Info: PrimePikachu

6 years ago#1
To call Clannad long is an understatement. I actually started playing it last summer, and while I admit I wasn't playing it the whole time, it still took me at the very least 200+ hours I think to fully complete it. Anyway here's what I thought of each and every route.

Sagare Misae~5/10. A completely uninteresting route. Nothing special about it, and unfulfilling ending seeing how it isn't shown if Tomoya and Misae get together or not, and the actual ending is in Tomoyo's route.

Sakagami Tomoyo~7/10. Tomoyo is the most overrated girl in the entire series. She's pretty meh and uninteresting as a character, though not bad. Also the Sunohara Gag of this route is completely unhumerous and flat out ridiculous sometimes becasue Sunohara was being a bro. Apparantly Tomoyo was also special enough to get her own eroge VN called Tomoyo After.

Miyazawa Yukine~8/10. Despite being a "Main Girl", she got a lame ending that didn't show if she and Tomoya got together or not. Other than that, good route altogether, though a bit short.

Fujibayashi Ryou~6/10. I know this was technically a bad end because Ryou isn't a "Main Girl", and that Ryou herself is dull, even for a shy girl. That said, I thought it was average, and that at the very least she and Tomoya got together in the end.

Fujibayashi Kyou~9/10. Let me just say that I despise most Tsunderes for being abusive *****es that don't deserve the guy. Yet I still managed to like Kyou to a certain extent because she seemed to have an explanation for being a jerk, and stopped being one halfway through. Also, Sunohara was at one of his best moments here, being a supprtive bro whose advice helped Tomoya wrap things up in this sister love triangle.

Hiiragi Kappei~4/10. Kappei was lame character in all honesty who seemed to be around just so Ryou had someone to be with "canonically". And the "drama" didn't do it for me. Orphaned, alone, poor, and now he has cancer? Give the guy a ****ing break Key! I thought the Sunohara Gag of this route, Sunohara falling for a trap, was pretty amusing though. I chuckled pretty hard at his heartbreak over finding out that Kappei and Ryou were engaged.

Sunohara Siblings~8/10. I was tired of all the romance, so a friendship route was just what I needed(Sorry, Kappei's was too bleh). Sunohara had another of one of his awesome moments.

Ichinose Kotomi~9/10. Kotomi was a likable character, and her relationship with Tomoya was good as well. Honestly the only problem I had with this route was that since Sunohara was basically absent this route, Kyou took his place for humor, but was a completely annoying *****.

Ibuki Fuuko~7/10. Fuuko came off as annoying at first, but she was okay by the end. The ending was also sweet. Nagisa taking up precious screentime was a problem.

Koumura Toshio~6/10. Some of Nagisa's route mixed with failure. It was more about friendship, but it really just ignored Koumura til the end really. Koumura was a cool old guy, but his route is meh.

*I just want to note that I thought it was hilarious that the above two routes included Nagisa, and then just got rid of her and ignored her by the end.

Furukawa Nagisa~7/10. Nagisa is the canonical girl who Tomoya ends up with, and her route gives all those lame Illusionary World scenes a purpose. The anime made her my least favorite character, not only because she's ****ing Nagisa, but because of all the damn screentime she took up. But since she's not a screentime whore, she's simply just a boring, zero confidence girl which I can deal with. Thankfully her parents are two of the greatest characters in the entire series, and make up for her fail.

User Info: PrimePikachu

6 years ago#2
After Story~9/10. Nagisa was more bearable first of all. Maybe it's because there was more of a focus on Tomoya and Nagisa's relationship more than anything else. There's also Sanae's and Yuusuke's mini-routes in here. Then there's a focus on Ushio and Naoyuki after Nagisa's death. It was all good really until the ending, which sucked. LOL Nagisa's dead so we might as well kill off Ushio, and finally Tomoya after he's reached the greatest level of despair now that he's broke and lost everything he was trying to protect..

Furukawa Akio~10/10. It's Akio Mother****ing Furukawa. There are no flaws.

After Story: True End~10/10. Yeah, I know I shouldn't separate it, but I will. Honestly I thought the ending was nice and it wrapped up everything. It also made me finally somewhat think that Tomoya and Nagisa are a good couple

I blame the CGs.

Anyway, while I DID like the ending(Much better than that horrible previous ending), I was disappointed at what it meant. What happened after Nagisa's death were probably some of my favorite moments in Clannad in general with, besides the ending. Nagisa living meant that this
never happened. You COULD say that all of this is unneeded seeing how they live happily ever after and that everything probably works out anyway, but it feels cheap tbqh.

Anyway, those are my thoughts on the routes themselves, overall I would rate Clannad as 8/10. It was long, but overall good, and I liked it. Nice visuals and great soundtrack as well.

Now to the character rankings:

Top Tier
Rapper Akio
The Great Akio Furukawa
Sanae Furukawa
(It continues to baffle me how such awesomeness gave birth to Nagisa)

Upper Tier
Yuusuke Yoshino
Tomoya Okazaki
Yukine Miyazawa
Kotomi Ichinose
Brohei Sunohara

Mid Tier
Kyou Fujibayashi
Fuuko Ibuki
Tomoyo Sakagami
Mei Sunohara

Meh Tier
Toshio Koumura
Misae Sagare
Kouko Ibuki
Naoyuki Okazaki
Shino Okazaki

Lower Tier
Nagisa Furukawa (Visual Novel)
Kappei Hiiragi
Ryou Fujibayashi

Bottom/Cockroach Tier
Nagisa Furukawa (Anime/Manga)

Also, now that I've finished it, I personally think that the Clannad anime was a decent, but not great adaption. It compacted, and got rid of some stuff, and made Nagisa a screen time whore.

Lastly, I want to say that this was my first VN. If all VNs are this long, I'm not playing another one, just saying.

User Info: Tomoya_Okazaki

6 years ago#3
Your opinions are as handsome as I assume you to be. And luckily for you, Clannad is by far one of the longest [translated] VNs out there.

User Info: PrimePikachu

6 years ago#4
Thanks. Really? That's a relief.

User Info: tcaz2

6 years ago#5
All VNs are not that long, no. Clannad is definitely the longest by a good amount.

Most tend to be 20-40 hours, though there are some as short as 6.

User Info: returnofbeans

6 years ago#6
i just finished it 4 days ago and unless i missed something, what did true ending have again? didn't it just go into that blurry screen than show nagisa live the birth scene than end? unlike the anime where it shows ushio growing up with both tomoya and nagisa.
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User Info: GreatSvenster

6 years ago#7
Fuuko needs to be on the top tier, but otherwise, I agree with everything else in the top tier.

It was all good really until the ending, which sucked. LOL Nagisa's dead so we might as well kill off Ushio, and finally Tomoya after he's reached the greatest level of despair now that he's broke and lost everything he was trying to protect..

I agree 100 f***ing percent.

Oh, hey did Nagisa's death scene really get to you? Oh it did? WELL HERE'S THE SAME EXACT DEATH SCENE! F*** YOU! COPY AND PASTE MOTHERF***ER!
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6 years ago#8
now go and read Sunohara x Tomoya gay ending

User Info: PrimePikachu

6 years ago#9
Oh yeeeah. There's that.

...No thanks. I'm good. Let me bask in my sense of completion. >_>

User Info: Mac Arrowny

Mac Arrowny
6 years ago#10
Yeah, the bonus stuff is some of the best parts of Clannad. Laser Tag, Baseball, and Tomoya x Sunohara are all amazing. Jet Saito and the Basketball games are fun too, though short. Even that minigame was fairly amusing.
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