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Naruto 588 *Spoilers*

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User Info: Milkomeda

5 years ago#1
Edo Tensei Madara uses Susanoo and grabs Raikage with it. Last page shows Madaras Susanoo in full looks much more scary than Sasukes IMO

Yeah after an abysmal chapter last week this chapter is bloody good sorry about the lack of spoilers will post more when its translated.

User Info: Milkomeda

5 years ago#2
More spoilers

Basically Itachi says as a part of the Konoha, he will die protecting it.
Sasuke says he can never forgive Konoha
Itachi used genjutsu on Kabuto to find a way to stop Edo Tensei
The 5 kages escaped from danger and Madara started to fight with full power and released the full form of Susanoo

Definitely a great chapter so so so much better than the last chapter looks like its almost time to say goodbye Edo Tensei

User Info: LeBronHendrix

5 years ago#3
With Madara beasting, this is definitely it for ET.

User Info: Edgeknight

5 years ago#4
I really didn't want Kabuto to go down this way, but I guess it's inevitable. No one can be better than the glorious Uchiha master race.

At least we're going back to a more interesting fight.
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User Info: Nochal

5 years ago#5
Madara's Susanoo looks like that Kabuta pokemon.

User Info: JREnvoy

5 years ago#6
There better a twist with Kabuto or this is awful. So upset at how this arc is ending after how damn awesome it was for awhile...

User Info: t 002 Tyrant

t 002 Tyrant
5 years ago#7
Moral of the story:

If Kishimoto ever does another story after Naruto, never start reading it.
"If humans don't want me, then why did they create me?"
- Naomi Armitage

User Info: Bazooka_Penguin

5 years ago#8
Madara's Suswanoo looks terrible...

And sounds like this arc is going to end up being crap
Deth Pen

User Info: Invader DJ

Invader DJ
5 years ago#9
Not surprising. Kabuto got his moment of fame but once he met up with Sasuke and Itachi his fate was sealed. The whole fight was basically finding out a way to stop him without killing him, both Sasuke and Itachi were pretty confident that they'd be able to kill him the whole time.
*cracks open malt liquor*
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User Info: t 002 Tyrant

t 002 Tyrant
5 years ago#10
How I wish the next chapter would show Itachi and Sasuke cancelling ET, and Sasuke bidding farewell to go off and do whatever he's going to do as he walks away from Kabuto's genjutsu-frozen body...
Only to then distort the image to show that it's actually Itachi's frozen body left behind...
And in reality Kabuto is the one walking away with a genjutsu-frozen Sasuke slung over his shoulder.
He then looks over his shoulder directly at the viewer with a magnificent trollface and a mangekyou sharingan active in one of his eyes.
"If humans don't want me, then why did they create me?"
- Naomi Armitage

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